Credit Card Fraud exposed by Rotherham Lie Detector Test

Gaby contacted us for a Rotherham lie detector test to try to get to the bottom of an issue when her credit card was used to withdraw cash, something she would never do.

Gaby’s case

Gaby was confident she’d left her credit card on the table in the lounge. She needed to go shopping and couldn’t find it anywhere. She called her partner, Steve, who said it had been there the previous evening as Jeff had commented she shouldn’t leave it there. They’d had friends over for dinner and Jeff was the last to leave. Gaby called Jeff and asked if he’d seen it. He claimed he’d picked it up due to the other 4 people in the room for their financial safety. Jeff popped the card round a few hours later and Gaby was relieved Jeff had cared so much to protect it. She’d watched countless shows on TV where friends or family had taken advantage financially and had only been exposed by taking lie detector tests.

Unfamiliar Transactions

Gaby received her credit card bill monthly and always paid it off in full. This meant that if she really needed it, she’d always have enough money to get through that all familiar “rainy day”. The statement arrived and to her shock and despair it was over £1400. Gaby’s bill was never that much and Steve only used his card for emergencies. There were cash transactions taken from cash machines. This was something neither of them would do. Looking at the date she realised they were on the day that Jeff had her card.

She contacted us to discuss how best to get Jeff to take our Rotherham lie detector test. We suggested she asked him whether he had used the card first although she was pretty confident he would deny it.  If he did her next step should be to gather all the friends who had attended the dinner party and discuss the issue.

As predicted Jeff denied any wrongdoing. Gaby invited her friends over for drinks and brought up the credit card. They were horrified and were more than willing to sit polygraph tests, including Jeff to prove their innocence.  Jeff could hardly say he wouldn’t could he?

Rotherham lie detector test

It was agreed that the tests would be booked one by one.  Gaby arranged for Jeff to take the first Rotherham lie detector test knowing instinctively that no more would be necessary.

Gaby received the results the next day and they all sat down to read them together. Jeff had taken £500 out from the cashpoint and admitted to them he had financial difficulty at home. This has ruined the close friendship they all once had. The ironic thing is if he’d asked they’d have given him what he needed. Instead, the polygraph test made them thankful they hadn’t helped him since it proved he wasn’t the friend they thought he was.

Jeff was lucky that the matter wasn’t reported to the police because he would now have a criminal record.  Gaby and Steve chose to draw a line under it and move on.

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