Romford polygraph test used for fraud case

A Romford polygraph test recently helped prove fraud. A Romford accountant made £160,000 fraudulent VAT repayment claims from HMRC.

The case

Aloke Kundu is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Kundu lives in Romford and pleaded guilty to VAT fraud at Snaresbrook Crown Court on January 14.  An investigation by HMRC uncovered the 45-year-old had created fraudulent paperwork. The paperwork was for three companies owned by his relatives to claim the fraudulent money. Kundu, of Straight Road, was an accountant for the businesses.

Fraudulent behaviour

Kundu used his Tax Giant Ltd accountancy practice to submit 12 fraudulent tax repayment claims. The claims took place in August 2016 to October 2017.  He dishonestly reclaimed £96,000, HMRC said. He then attempted to claim a further £64,000. However, the claim was withheld by the authority.

The investigation

HMRC’s fraud investigation service assistant director, Steve Doyle, said: “This was a calculated and deliberate attempt to steal from the UK taxpayer.  “Tax fraud is not a victimless crime. It’s stealing from the public purse, which funds vital public services like the NHS. “The majority of individuals and businesses pay the tax that is due. But there remains a determined minority who refuse to play by the rules.” Kundu has been bailed to his home address pending a pre-sentencing report.

Polygraph test

A Romford lie detector test could have proven Kundu guilty before he attempted further fraudulent claims. Police are now using polygraph testing during interrogations. This means that not only is there a second opinion on suspects, but also a deterrent to stop future crimes. Police have reported that since introducing polygraph testing, repeat offences have dropped dramatically. If HMRC suspected Kundu before his repeat fraudulent offenses, he cold have been deterred or found guilty way before he did further damage.

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