A Romford lie detector was recently used to find out if a friend was guilty of spreading vicious rumours. Chelsea and Victoria have been friends since they were very little. The pair have been inseparable ever since their families were neighbours when the girls were just five. However, Chelsea recently came to our Romford lie detector office asking her friend Victoria to take a lie detector test. Chelsea believes that Victoria is to blame for spreading vicious rumours about her and her boyfriend deciding to make sex tapes for online audiences.

Horrible lies

Chelsea was on a night out in Romford for a friend’s 25th birthday in October, when she first became aware of the rumours surrounding her and her boyfriend Harry. Chelsea says that a friend from school came up to her drunkenly and said “Oh I’ve heard what you’ve been up to recently, Mrs Playboy” Confused, Chelsea questioned the girl who then replied “Well, you’ve been filming sex tapes for people online with Harry haven’t you?”. Shocked and appalled Chelsea immediately denied the accusation and told the girl she was wrong and to kindly ignore any future rumours she heard.

The rumours spread

A few months later, Chelsea was at a family dinner in Romford. Her Aunty also confronted Chealsea about the rumours that night. This time, Harry was also with Chelsea and overheard the conversation too. Chelsea told her aunt how she had no idea where these rumours had come from. She explained to her how none of it was true. Harry hugged Chelsea who was upset, and also confirmed that none of it was true and asked for advice from the aunt.

Chelsea’s Aunty contacted an old friend who was ex-police. He suggested that usually these kinds of allegations would just die down. He exaplined that the usual cause was someone closest to the victim. Therefore, he said to try and track down who might have a motive to spread the lies. Chelsea sat down with Harry and the pair went through everyone they knew. Chelsea came to realise that the only person who was closest to the people who seemed to be spreading or believing the rumours, was Victoria.

Why are you lying?

Confronting Victoria over the phone, Chelsea said she wanted to clear the rumours up. She asked Victoria if she had any clue who could have started the rumours, or if she had said anything that could have been blown out of proportion. Victoria admitted she had once joked that the pair would do well if they decided to sell sex tapes, but said that was as far as the joke went. Unconvinced Victoria was telling the truth, Chelsea asked her if she would be willing to take a lie detector test. She wanted proof that Victoria wasn’t the one starting the rumours. Victoria happily agreed and the pair booked a test at our Romford office.

The results

The results showed that Victoria was lying. Victoria confessed after her results that she had started the rumours after all. She said she had got bored of being the one who never got attention. Victoria wanted to create a story that had everyone interested in her. She said that it started on a night out when she felt left out. Victoria told the group she was out with about the fake story of Chelsea and Harry. She recalls how everyone was suddenly really interested in her. In floods of tears, Victoria apologised to Chelsea. Chelsea said she was hurt and didn’t trust Victoria, she asked for time to see if she could trust her again and to see if she wanted to salvage their friendship.

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