Romford Lie Detector Test dispels Mother’s Rape Allegations

Sep 9, 2021 | False allegations

Romford Lie Detector Test dispels Mother’s Rape Allegations

Our client was adopted when she was just 3 months old. When she found her biological mother she thought it would make her complete. But it resulted in a Romford lie detector test.

Marianne’s Case

Although Marianne’s adoptive parents had been the kindest people you could wish to meet, the drive to find her birth mother was always strong. She waited until she was over 40 to start the search, when her now elderly parents were in a nursing home, both suffering with dementia.

She didn’t find it easy locating her mother as she had very little information to go on. In the end she hired a private investigator to do it. When she got her mother’s name and address, she wrote to her asking if they could meet. She also asked whether she was still in touch with her father.

Rape allegations

The letter she got back horrified her. Her mother, Karen, said that although she had been in a relationship with Marianne’s father her pregnancy had been the result of a rape. This was the reason she had given her baby up for adoption. Karen said she would think about whether she could face meeting her daughter. She said she obviously hadn’t kept in contact with her father and although she knew where he was, she wouldn’t share that information.

Marianne had already instructed the private investigator to find her father and, some weeks later, he achieved it. Her father, Joe, was overjoyed that she had contacted him and wanted to meet as soon as possible.

The other side of the story

They agreed to meet on neutral ground, at a coffee shop in Romford, near to where Joe lived. It was only a half hour drive from Marianne’s home in Harlow. Being a technophobe Joe didn’t have a mobile phone and wasn’t on the internet. They agreed to wear a red rose in their jacket buttonholes so that they would recognise each other.

On entering the coffee shop, Marianne was struck by how frail her father looked. He rose to greet her but with the aid of a walking stick. He was in his 70s.

The story Joe told was so different from what Karen had said to Marianne. His version was that he’d been madly in love with Karen but one day she abruptly dumped him. He had no idea why. Marianne didn’t know who to believe.

Romford lie detector test

Much as Marianne didn’t want to put her father through a polygraph examination, she needed to know the truth. If Joe had raped her mother then she wanted nothing more to do with him.

In consultation with one of our Greater London polygraph examiners, the questions were formulated for Joe’s test.  Marianne worried that her father´s health might suffer more because of the nature of the questions he would be asked.  However, in the pre-test interview Joe told our examiner that he would do anything to have a relationship with his daughter.

The Romford lie detector test Joe took, dispelled the rape allegations as no deception was found in his responses.


Marianne is now in regular contact with Joe and is teaching him how to use the internet. But Karen has decided she doesn’t want a relationship with her daughter. When Marianne sent her a copy of Joe’s lie detector test results, Karen did not respond.

Perhaps one day Karen will explain why she made such damaging allegations against Joe, but it’s not looking likely.

Greater London Polygraph Services

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Alternatively, you can book a test online using our secure reservation system.  Marianne booked a Romford lie detector test because it was more convenient for Joe. However, our polygraph services are nationwide, and we have many controlled offices throughout the UK for you to choose from.

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