Rochester Polygraph Examiner addresses Vaccine Hesitancy Query

There has never been a time in history when society is so divided by a myriad of issues. However, this is the first vaccine hesitancy query our Rochester Polygraph Examiner has ever had.

Q: I think my girlfriend is lying about having the Covid jab. Can a lie detector test find out if she has?

Surrounded by Covidiots as we are, I am worried my girlfriend might be one. We´ve been lucky on furlough for the past year but my firm won´t allow anyone back to work without being vaccinated. I completely agree with that stance because the sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner we can all get back to normal.

I´ve had mine and my girlfriend´s appointment was the day after.  But this week someone phoned from the surgery and asked why she hadn´t turned up. When I confronted her, she said there must be a mistake because she did have the jab. She had a small plaster over it she said, didn´t I remember? I couldn´t remember to be honest.

I know her company isn´t insisting on vaccination but I feel she is lying to me. There is no way that my relationship with her is going to continue if she hasn´t had the jab. It´s totally selfish and inconsiderate of others!

If I book a lie detector test for her, will it tell me what I want to know?

B. N., Rochester

Response from Rochester Polygraph Examiner

With respect, calling people who have vaccine hesitancy ´Covidiots´ doesn´t help. There are many people who struggle with the logic of having a vaccine that doesn´t stop you contracting the virus or spreading it. It seems the only guarantee currently is that if you contract the virus, you will not be so ill if you´ve been vaccinated.

In terms of employers who coerce employees into having the vaccine, the legality of this is in doubt. At Lie Detector Test UK, all our polygraph examiners have been vaccinated but it was their choice. We cannot and will not coerce anyone into having a vaccine that they don´t want.

Vaccine hesitancy

Some people with existing medical conditions have genuine concerns that they may react badly to vaccines such as these. Bullying them into accepting vaccination on the grounds that they are being selfish and inconsiderate is an appalling approach to dispel vaccine hesitancy.

You might want to consider how committed you are to this relationship if a Covid vaccine is going to make or break it.

A lie detector test can determine whether she is being deceptive about having the vaccine or not, but she´ll need to voluntarily agree to take it.

Booking a lie detector test

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