Rochester Lie Detector Test exposes Violent Husband’s Lies

When rumours spread by her husband were believed by her children, our client booked a Rochester lie detector test to set the record straight.

Carina’s Case

Carina’s separation from her husband, Barry, was acrimonious. Barry had been both physically and emotionally abusive throughout their 25 year marriage. She’d stayed with him because of their son and daughter.

Due to the constant abuse Carina took medication to ease the stress. Barry always told her that if she tried to leave he would ensure that he got custody of the children.  After all, who would let an unemployed mother who was mentally ill have custody?

Charmer to monster

To their families and friends Barry was charming. Part of Carina’s attraction to him was his charm but it vanished when he was drunk. The transformation from charmer to monster could happen in a heartbeat.

When the children left home Carina dreamed about leaving but she had no money of her own. Where would she go? How could she survive and where would she live were all questions that went through her mind.  She didn’t want to lose her home, she’d put so much work into it.

In every victim’s life there comes a time when they can take no more. Carina’s moment came one night when Barry had been out drinking excessively with his mates for hours.  He found a piece of onion in his spaghetti Bolognese.  Carina usually picked them out but had obviously missed one. It was Barry’s excuse to knock her across the room. She hit her head on the wall and slumped down on the floor. The name calling and kicking began after that.

Restraining order

When it was over Barry went upstairs to bed. Carina took that opportunity to call the police. When they arrived, they were shocked by the state she was in.  Blood had matted in her hair and she was clearly in pain. They called an ambulance and carted Barry off in a police car.

Carina’s injuries were photographed and detailed at the hospital.  Rapidly she obtained a restraining order and began picking up the pieces of her life. Barry was not allowed to communicate with her, or go to the matrimonial home or within 200 metres of it.

Rumours and gossip

It’s often said that you find out who your real friends are when something like this happens and within a week Carina did. Certain of the mutual friends she and Barry had blocked her from Facebook.   During the second week she heard the rumours. Her ‘charming’ estranged husband was telling friends and family that Carina had attacked him. He said that she had been mentally ill and neurotic for some time.  Clearly some had believed him. Worse, her children did too.

Alone in a big house, she was lonely.  When the Covid-19 lockdown came it was impossible for friends to come and visit her.  When she went out shopping for essentials, she knew people were talking about her because they stopped speaking when she came in.

After a particularly heated conversation with her son, who accused her of driving his father out, she called us. She wanted to book a Rochester lie detector test to prove to friends and family that she hadn’t attacked Barry.

Rochester lie detector test

One of our London polygraph examiners conducted the lie detector test at Carina’s home.  She wanted to prove that she had not instigated the incident that led to Barry being arrested.  The questions were carefully formulated by our examiner to determine the truth of the matter.

Carina knew that Barry would never take a test so decided to take one herself. The results proved there was no deception in her answers. 24 hours later she had a fully analysed, peer reviewed report which she emailed to her children and to friends and family members that mattered to her. Her life is gradually getting back on track.

As Carina begins to get her self-confidence back, it will be less important to her what people may or may not think. Years of her husband eroding her confidence made it necessary for her to want to prove he was telling lies about her. The Rochester lie detector test was her way of doing that.

Domestic violence

If you are experiencing domestic violence or any type of abuse that makes you feel unsafe in your own home, seek help.  Irrespective of Covid-19 restrictions you can leave your home and break curfew if necessary.  Call the police or any of the domestic abuse helplines some of which we list below:

Family Action – 0808 802 6666

Galop (for the LGBTQ+ Community) 0800 999 5428

Refuge – National Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0808 2000 247

More domestic abuse helplines can be found by clicking on Met Police UK

And of course, you can always call our free helpline on 07572 748364.