When our client discovered that money was missing from her holiday savings, she booked a Richmond lie detector test for her brother and girlfriend. The results were devastating.

Fiona’s Case

Fiona was more than happy with her life. She had a great job and a great girlfriend.  After two years of her parents thinking she was going through a phase, they’d finally accepted Nina and welcomed her into the family. Nina was a party animal to say the very least and they’d met whilst out clubbing. Fiona had fallen in love on the spot and they’d moved in together a few months later. Fiona’s parents had accused her of jumping the gun at the fast pace of their relationship, but Fiona didn’t care.

Where’s the money?

Fiona had been saving for a while. She wanted to book a trip for the two of them to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Nina worked but her job as a waitress didn’t pay well, which meant Fiona paid most of the household bills and for any additional treats, like a night out. She had saved for 4 months and thought she had approximately £500 for their trip. But when she checked the biscuit barrel, where she kept the money, there was only £125 in there. Only two people knew she hid money in the tin and that was her brother, Doug, and Nina. She asked both of them and both denied going anywhere near the tin or dipping into the money.

Richmond lie detector test

Doug and Nina were very close and at times their relationship made Fiona uncomfortable. She’d discussed the missing money with her parents and they suggested booking a lie detector test. They thought the thief was Nina and said the test would prove their feelings for her initially were correct. Fiona couldn’t believe her girlfriend would steal the money that was designed to pay for their trip of a lifetime but one of them had done it. Instead of booking one Richmond lie detector test, she booked two. She didn’t think Nina would have done it but she didn’t think her brother would either. The only fair way was for each of them to take a test.

More than brotherly love

Nina seemed fine when Fiona told her about the polygraph tests but her brother was insulted. Fiona’s parents told him he needed to take the test and so they both went along. The results of Nina’s test proved she hadn’t taken the money but Doug had. The last question was regarding their relationship with each other and Fiona was devastated to learn it was more than friendship.  Not only had her brother stolen her money but her girlfriend as well. Fiona moved back in with her parents and as far as she knows the two cheats are still living in her old flat. Her parents believe the pair deserve each other – once a cheat, always a cheat.

London Polygraph Services

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