Had my doubts at first but now i could not be happier. Really friendly consultation and was told everything step by step making me confident. My issues were solved professionally and i really appreciate the overall service and support. Very good value for money compared to alternative options and the service was 1st class. Thank you for helping me
Bryan Thompson
15:34 01 Jun 17
Straightforward and accurate service. thank you very much for being friendly and very helpful to me. Never felt this calm for the last year thank you again 🙂
Katie Barkham
16:25 01 Jun 17
Professional company that delivered a comprehensive service at an extremely competitive price. The examiner was approachable and talked us through the process and went to great lengths to appease everyone. The test was over three phases and took just over two hours and we are all extremely satisfied with the outcome.
Mark Holmes
19:47 16 May 17
5* Brilliant, very happy with the outcome i got and the accuracy. Staff are also very nice and caring which is good if you stressed. Thank you
Dev NM J
19:12 04 Jun 17
In all honesty, I never expected such service to be available to the general public but one quick Google search and there it was! Very professional company and easy online booking system. Would recommend!
ileana mihali
16:50 20 Apr 17
A* service, best value for money and i am happy it went smoothly.
Gareth McKee
19:15 04 Jun 17
Thank you, first let me say this was what my family and I needed and the price was so affordable.I took a polygraph in the past with another company. The guy who did the first test was some kind of PI and obviously not a polygraph operator with much experience.I never knew that polygraphs were available to the public, but I am so grateful that they are.I would highly recommend Lie Detector Test Ltd to anyone that may be having personal or non-personal issues.
Daniel Kerry
12:17 16 Jul 16
My partner and I had been going through some issues that resulted in the need to take a lie detector test. For the sake of my privacy I won't go into too much detail but the test showed both of us were telling the truth all along. We were able to move past our problem and our relationship is stronger because of it. I was very pleased with the services of Lie Detector Test Limited. They treated us with dignity. Taking a lie detector test is never easy but they made it as smooth and painless as possible. They did a wonderful job and I'd happily recommend them to friends and family the next time something comes up that necessitates a lie detector test.
Mark Noyce
21:50 07 Aug 16
Your examiner has been very helpful & flexible when it came to the scheduling of the appointment & they were very informative about everything to expect for the polygraph examI was most satisfied with the service provided. With out this test we wouldn’t be able to move forward, I am very grateful. Hope to have another 10 years with my wife.
Richard Smith
09:42 15 Jul 16
I would like to thank Lie Detector Test Ltd for helping us with our issue, their support during and after the examination was second to none. I would recommend these guys to resolve family trust matters in an instant
Jonathan Heald
07:57 14 Jun 17
Good service, they know what there are doing and made sure i was fully comfortable throughout the entire process. Top company 🙂
Devin Josh
10:43 07 Jun 17
Really pleased with their services! Affordable prices, transparent communication and quick results. Most of all, clients feel valued as individuals and everyone is treated equally.
Elina Staneva
19:22 23 Jun 17
Great central location - easy to find too. Would recommend to anyone needing this type of service.
Jade Oakley
08:44 26 Jun 17
Great & reliable service. Would recommend 100%. felt comfortable every step of the way. The examiners were great & put my mind at ease. Very professional company & the communication was great also.
Sam Goody
13:26 26 Jun 17
Accurate and reliable services. The guidance helped me to feel comfortable and calm throughout the process. The results were accurate and it helped to solve my problems. I am very thankful for your work.
Lala Torop
10:31 27 Jun 17
For lie detection test, I propose a private company Located at suite 1, 5 Percy St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DG. The company offers round the clock services seven days a week services. This ensures that you get the service any time you need. Customer service is very unique, you get served with a drink of preference as you wait. With innovative equipment and a well-educated team, trust me that this private company is the best.
Samuel Kibe
11:17 27 Jun 17
Running a home cleaning business is tough. People trust their most valuable belongings with us and we just can’t afford for something to go wrong. This is the main reason for which we have very serious background check-ups when we hire new people. A polygraph is also a must. We’ve been using the services of the Lie Detector Test UK for years and they’ve always delivered.
Bilal Saeed
13:24 27 Jun 17
I was recommended Lie Detector Test UK by my friend. I laughed at first, but guess who's laughing now, as it really helped me. And now, here I am recommending it. Just take it and you won't regret it.
Jangi etno jazz dans Group
11:07 30 Jun 17
I had a big problem at my job and I’ve tried many ways for solving it but I had no success. After a quick research on the internet I’ve found you. Thanks God to put you on my way. You did a really great job. I appreciate the support given to us so much.
Franck Scarduelli
23:01 10 Jul 17
This company is extremely professional, with great service. The initial consultation made me feel very comfortable about the test and the staff made me at ease throughout the whole process. Thank you again Lie Detector Test, I highly recommend your services!
Chantal Taylor
20:59 15 Jul 17
I needed peace of mind to find out if an employee was telling the truth in relation to theft allegations. Lie Detector Test UK completely understood my dilemma and were very caring and professional. The issue was resolved and it was thanks to a lie detector and the services this company provided. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needed help in this or a similar area.
Melanie Mitchell
21:02 12 Aug 17
Thanks again to the team at Lie Detector Test. So many questions have been answered by using the brilliant techniques deployed by this company. I feel like a weight has been lifted. From beginning to end I cannot fault the process. Professional, friendly and extremely effective. Thank you. "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."
Ian Sweeney
23:52 01 Sep 17
Ex reckons I was messaging someone on Facebook but he messaged me and I don't even know who he is. Got the test done privately and they came to my house as we both work part time and needed to get it done while the kids were at school. It showed I was not lying and happy with this service, I would use them again definitley
Daria Stephenson
12:27 03 Nov 17
After one of our housekeeping staff was accused of theft from a hotel room we were advised to seek a professional and reputable polygraph service - Lie Detector Test UK were just what we were looking for. Our problem was resolved professionally and quickly whilst being sensitive to our employee who was in a difficult position. The innocence was proven and the relationship with our employee, the hotel and Lie Detector Test UK remain strong. Highly recommended service.
Alex Browne
12:58 21 Dec 17
My work recently experienced a business theft where we had several suspects. We were very sure of one person in particular who had contacts with the office but they were adamant that they didn’t take it. We suggested that they take a lie detector test with Janet and they reluctantly agreed. When they were proven guilty, they admitted to the crime and said that they believed that they were sceptical of the test until it proved to be true.
Claire Martin
18:54 21 Dec 17
I just wanted to say that I was so pleased I used your services as I was quite literally at my wits end to prove the truth. I was very scared and very worried but thankfully your brill examiner put my mind at ease and her kindness was outstanding!
peter bondsworth
13:50 20 Jan 18
I was looking for a Lie Detector test, but one that was performed by professionals. After doing a fair amount of research I found this site and I can honestly say I'm more than happy with the results. It has totally put my mind at ease. Thanks for all your help with my case!
Liam Jackson
16:25 24 Jan 18
After booking an appointment at the London office I was a bit hesitant to go due to the weather conditions. However, the team was nice enough to allow me to reschedule for the following week. The examiner was EXTREMELY professional and diligent - not to mention I cannot fault the explanation that me and my partner were given. Even though I do hope that I don't have to do it again anytime soon I would still recommend it to anyone without hesitation.
Navid Tharani
16:45 24 Jan 18
Brilliant and reliable service I was hesitant to use a lie detector test in case my worries within my relationship turned out to be true but the whole process really helped put me at ease. From start to finish, the process was clearly explained and carried out in the controlled rooms, in an easy to find Regus building in London. The truth has really helped both of us and I would highly recommend Lie Detector Test UK, brilliant service.
Jenny Weller
16:49 24 Jan 18
Thank you very much for your professional handling from start to finish. Hopefully we won't need to use your services again, but if we do, we will certainly be back in contact!
Imran Amin
17:29 24 Jan 18

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