Reigate Polygraph Examiner reviews Jeremy Kyle Comeback

As Jeremy Kyle makes his comeback to broadcasting, after two years, our Reigate Polygraph Examiner reviews what caused him to be ‘cancelled’.

The Jeremy Kyle Show

If ever there has been a reason for the polygraph industry to be regulated, the Jeremy Kyle Show should have made it happen.

The polygraph is now being used by at least 7 police forces in the UK. It is a serious investigative tool, the results from which cause deeper investigations should they show deception. The police use the polygraph for mandatory testing of sex offenders who are released on licence from prison. Soon new legislation will make them compulsory for other criminals including terrorists and domestic abusers. If the results of such tests prove deceptive, police will then investigate whether conditions of bail have been broken. Like any other evidence, polygraph results are only part of it and need to be corroborated.

The Jeremy Kyle Show caused immeasurable damage to the polygraph industry by effectively misusing the results of polygraph tests. If evidence that has emerged, since the show was axed is true, lie detector tests were not carried out properly. And examinees don’t appear to have been fully informed as to the efficacy and possible repercussions of the tests.

At Lie Detector Test UK, we have never agreed with polygraph examinations being used for entertainment purposes.

Spicing up the stories

Former members of the production team on the Jeremy Kyle Show have said that if lie detector test results were inconclusive, the production team would decide what the result would be. “Guests were seen as assets to be exploited. If their stories weren’t interesting enough, we were expected to spice them up”, they said.

Lie detector test results were often faked to make the show more dramatic according to a former producer.

Steve Dymond

The suicide of Steve Dymond brought the circus to an end. He was a guest who had gone on the show to prove to his fiancé that he wasn’t cheating on her.  His test results came back deceptive.

What has emerged since Dymond’s death is that he had a number of problems in his life leading up to his appearance on the show. Then after the show his relationship with his fiancé fell apart and he lost his job.

It is conceivable that he took his life because of a combination of circumstances including the results of the polygraph examination. Since the show featuring his appearance was never broadcast, we will never know how much humiliation Jeremy Kyle caused him. However, we have seen Kyle’s style and it is not behaviour that should ever be used when delivering polygraph results.

We don’t know if there was a pre-test interview but there should have been. Our pre-test interviews can last well over an hour. In them, we explain what will happen in the test, discuss the questions to be asked and assess the examinees’ suitability to take the test.  We also explain how accurate the results will be and discuss the possible repercussions if the examinee doesn’t pass the test.

Lie detector tests should be conducted in a secure, controlled environment. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted for 24 hours prior to a test. Examinees should be calm before the polygraph examination which is another purpose of the pre-test interview.

Humiliating and shouting

The last thing any professional would do is humiliate and shout at someone when giving them the results of a lie detector test. Polygraph examinations allow people to move forward with their lives. That may mean ending a relationship, seeking counselling, getting closure on an issue or firing someone from their job, among many other things.

Before taking the test examinees must be made aware of the possible outcomes and how it could affect their lives. The Jeremy Kyle Show showed a blatant disregard for all protocols.

Jeremy Kyle today

The radio/TV Talk Radio has employed Jeremy Kyle for shows throughout the week. Having listened to two of them, the bolshiness is still there but more subdued.  Perhaps he has learned a lesson.

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