Redditch Lie Detector Test exposes Perverted Physiotherapist

When we put our trust in healers we expect them to behave professionally.  Our client booked a Redditch lie detector test when her physiotherapist didn’t seem to be.

After Suzi’s riding accident she had constant back pain. Never keen on taking drugs, her doctor suggested she joined a pain management group. He seemed to think the pain was in her head but Suzi thought differently. Her sister Karla, who had a similar issue, visited a local private physiotherapist, Iain. He seemed to do wonders for her. She decided to give him a call to see if he could help.

Body conscious

Suzi had always been embarrassed about her size. She was 16+ stone and a little on the heavy side for her small 5ft 4 inch frame. Iain said she was beautiful inside and out and not to be paranoid around him. He worked on people of all shapes and sizes. As they began the sessions Suzi began to feel better, but soon little things he did concerned her. He started by asking her to take her top and bra off, something she thought was strange but after talking to her sister found this to be normal for his sessions. He would start at her shoulders and would carry on down towards her buttocks, massaging them with quite vigorously. At the end of the session he was always be smiling and complimented her on how well she’d taken to the treatment.


After her third session, Iain asked her to undress completely which rang alarm bells. Her problem was her back and not her buttocks or legs. She asked him if this was completely necessary and he said it was. After the session, Suzi could see he was excited in more ways than one and accused him of getting some sort of sexual gratification from the sessions. He laughed at this saying he was being polite when he said she was beautiful and he wouldn’t possibly be interested in her. Speaking to her sister, all of the same things had happened to her. Karla was only 19 and had assumed all of this was normal. She even confirmed he’d asked her to go to his home for a private session in the past.

Redditch lie detector test

Suzi spoke to Iain and told him she wanted to him to take a lie detector test. Neither she nor her sister believed that what he was doing was professional and not perverted.  As she suspected, he refused.  She asked him why he would refuse if he had nothing to hide.

The alternative Suzi gave him was that both she and her sister would take polygraph tests to prove what they had experienced.  They would then take the results to the police.  Iain then agreed he would take a test. The appointment for the lie detector test in Redditch was booked for the following week. Iain arrived and was shocked to learn he was to be asked specific questions about Karla and Suzi, rather than about his general work, but he sat the test anyway.

The results of the polygraph examination proved he was touching the sisters inappropriately and also many of his other patients. As a registered physiotherapist he was stripped of his licence and can no longer prey on young girls. Suzi and Karla have now found a hospital appointed practitioner.

West Midlands Polygraph Examiners

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