Red Light District visitors take Leicester Lie Detector Tests

Our clients ordered Leicester lie detector tests to find out what their husbands were up to following a visit from the police.

June and Harriet’s Case

Harriet’s husband, Kevin, and June’s husband, Malcolm, were keen amateur photographers. As a result of their husbands’ association in a photography club, June and Harriet became good friends.  When Malcolm and Kevin were out taking night shots the two women would spend many of their evenings together. They often joked that they were ‘photography widows’.

There was no doubt that some of the photos they took were exceptional. Both men were extremely talented.  At night they would perfectly capture buildings, bridges and events.  The latter less so since Covid restrictions were put in place.

Police visit

When the police arrived one day to speak to Malcolm, June thought it might be about him breaking curfew.  He’d arrived home late one day during that week. However, when they said that he might prefer her not to be present at the interview she was a little concerned.  Malcolm responded that there were no secrets between him and his wife so he was happy for her to stay.

It transpired that Kevin and Malcolm had been stopped in a red light district on suspicion of soliciting. A sex worker in that area had gone missing and the police were investigating the matter.  When they were stopped it was accepted that they were out taking night photos. The officers who stopped them told them to go home since this activity was in breach of lockdown rules.  Photography and driving a car did not come under the heading of “exercise”.

Malcolm said he didn’t know any sex workers and had no knowledge about the disappearance of one of them.  Kevin had apparently said the same. Everyone believed that would be the end of the matter. But it wasn’t.  Several days later the two men were asked to go to their local police station to make official statements and provide DNA samples.

Suspicion develops

The two men were strangely quiet when they came back from making their statements. They said that a sex worker had been raped by two men in a car and they were under suspicion.

Suspicion of infidelity is a terrible thing but both Harriet and June thought it would be so much worse if it was rape and with a sex worker.  Harriet was particularly anxious and questioned Kevin over and over again. Why would the police suspect them and what were they doing in a red light district in the first place? They said that they were just travelling through to a high spot where they could take photos of the whole town. Something in Kevin’s tone and behaviour didn’t ring true with Harriet.

Leicester lie detector tests

Concerned about her friend, June suggested they take lie detector tests.  June was a little suspicious herself that they were not being told the whole truth. Both women wondered whether their husbands had been paying for sex. Neither would forgive them if that was the case.

The Leicester lie detector tests were ordered online and our East Midlands polygraph examiner conducted them at June and Malcolm’s home.

No deception was found in Kevin’s test results. But in the pre-test interview he confessed to our examiner that when they went out on their night photography trips he dropped Malcolm off at a flat which he believed belonged to a sex worker.  This wasn’t the one that had gone missing.

Naturally, Malcolm’s results showed deception.


June is devastated and trying to make sense of why Malcolm would cheat on her.  They have arranged online relationship counselling. Needless to say, there are no more night photography excursions.

Lie Detector Test UK

Our clients arranged Leicester lie detector tests for their husbands, choosing the nearest controlled office to where they live. In the end they chose to have home tests rather than travel during lockdown.

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