Reading polygraph proves gambling addiction

Nov 12, 2021

A polygraph test in our Reading offices recently proved a husband guilty go gambling. Laura suspected her fiancé of being unfaithful, and the future bride didn’t want to go ahead with their wedding until her fiancé completed a polygraph test. With many trust issues between the couple, the stakes were high for passing the polygraph test and saving this future marriage.

A hard habit to kick

Laura tells us how Paul had a previous gambling addiction just two years into their relationship. Laura recalls how her and Paul met and their relationship moved quickly. Only 4 months into living together, however, the issues started to show.

Laura explains how things started to take a worrying term when debt collectors suddenly turned up on their doorstep one afternoon. After confronting Paul for hours that evening, he finally broke down and admitted he had a gambling problem. He begged Laura not to leave, and that he would seek professional help. Despite ignoring advice from her mother, Laura agreed that if Paul sought professional help she would stay.

Having a mortgage and working long hours took its toll on Laura. She helped pay off the serious debt that Paul had collected over the two years. Every time things would get tense, Paul argued that he wanted to buy her the best things but couldn’t afford them.

New beginnings

Finally, the couple paid off the debt, and decided to go for a meal to celebrate together. That evening that Paul decided to propose, saying he wanted to start a happy future together and forget the past. Laura excitedly said yes and was relieved that their turbulent past and Pauls gambling addiction was, seemingly, behind them both.

Venue drama

Fast forward to 2020 and Paul lost his job in August due to the pandemic and his employer declaring bankruptcy. Laura and Paul had only a few deposits left to pay off for their dream wedding set for 2021. One day at work Laura answered a call on her lunch break from their wedding venue. The venue informed her the last deposit hadn’t cleared with the bank. Laura apologised and said she was unsure as to why the money hadn’t gone out as requested by standing order. She said she would call the venue back and decided to check her online banking.

Checking her bank, Laura could see she had made the £1,300.00 deposit five days ago. Laura saw the bank had transferred the amount but £500.00 had been withdrawn from ATMs in Reading that day. Laura was concerned that Paul was out that day and had used the wrong card.

What is going on?

Immediately calling Paul, he broke down saying how he had been threatened and someone had taken his wallet. Laura told Paul to go to the police and get a case number immediately, whilst she rang their insurers. Laura rushed home to comfort Paul and asked for the police report number so she could ring the insurers.

Paul reluctantly passed over the police incident number that he had written down. Laura rang the insurers who comforted her that at least her fiancé was safe and well. The next day Laura woke up and decided to cook breakfast for Paul. It was then that Laura found Paul’s wallet in his jeans pocket. Laura confronted Paul and told him she found his wallet, so why did he lie?

To have and to hold?

Laura rang her mum to discuss what Paul had done and her mother immediately suggested a polygraph examination. Laura agreed and rang our Reading office, to book in for a test later that week.

The results showed that Paul had been lying and the money he had taken was spent at a casino. He had lost the money and decided to lie to his partner again. Laura called off the wedding and now looks forward to a brighter future ahead without any drama or trust issues.

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