Reading lie detector test used in drug abuse case

A Reading lie detector test recently helped Sally discover if her son Peter was still taking drugs. Sally came to Lie Detector Test UK three years ago when she became suspicious that Peter was addicted to cocaine.

How it began

Sally recalls how her son was always a hard worker at school. She says Peter is driven and motivated and she knew he would excel in his future career. Peter proved Sally right when he landed a place to go and study politics at Oxford University.  Sally remembers how it was about three months into his time at university that Peter started to change.

Strange behaviours

Coming home for the Christmas break, Peter seemed to be acting oddly. Sally said he was snappy, fidgety and seemed to have a decreased appetite. Worried about him, she consulted a family friend who was a therapist.

Sally’s friend asked her if she had considered Peter could be a drug user. She dismissed her friend’s suggestion, saying Peter had always been open and honest with her. She said she would know or notice if Peter had started to take drugs.

On my mind

Although Sally originally thought the suggestion laughable, she finally researched drug addiction symptoms online. She was shocked to discover just how many symptom boxes Peter virtually ticked. Sally decided it was time to confront Peter. She wanted to help him before it was too late.


Peter laughed in Sally’s face when she asked if he was taking drugs. Despite his reaction and denial, Sally told Peter she wanted him to take a lie detector test. Given his history of drug abuse, Sally explained that it would be a while before the trust in their relationship was fully restored. Realising it was an issue for Sally, Peter agreed to the lie detector test.

The results

The results showed that Peter wasn’t guilty. He was telling the truth that he hadn’t touched drugs since he became clean. Peter told Sally how university was hard work and he had simply burned himself out. Sally told Peter he needed some time off on his next reading week and that they would go away somewhere for a proper holiday. The pair left relieved to have cleared up the issue, and thanked our Reading office for all their help.

If you wish to book a lie detector test because you think someone is addicted to drugs and lying, please book your test online today. Alternatively, you can call our free helpline on 0800 369 8277.