Reading lie detector stops rumours

A Reading lie detector test recently stopped vicious rumours being spread by Georgia’s old best friend Erin. Georgia came to Lie Detector Test UK when she suspected that Erin was spreading horrible rumours after the pair had fallen out over a guy.

The beginning

Georgia grew up next door to Erin and the pair had been best friends ever since they were young kids. Erin went to university in Reading, but Georgia moved to London. The pair became distant but still enjoyed meeting up when they were back from university.

The issues begin

One summer Georgia came back and introduced Erin to her new boyfriend Tom. Erin immediately got on well with Tom and the group hung out all summer. Tom lived far away from Georgia so stayed with her for two weeks at a time during the long holiday break. However, one day Georgia came home from work to find Erin and Tom kissing in the back garden. Devastated, Georgia immediately broke up with Tom and told Erin she didn’t want to be friends with her anymore.

The rumours start

Georgia went back to university two weeks after the falling out. She returned home for October reading week and was surprised one night when she went out to her local pub. She bumped into a group of girls she had gone to school with who all asked her how she was. To Georgia’s surprise one girl asked how far along in her pregnancy she was. Georgia was confused an embarrassed and said she wasn’t pregnant and had no idea why the girl thought she was. The girl apologised and said she had just heard from Erin that she was pregnant.

More silly rumours

Two weeks later Georgia bumped into Erin’s sister on a night out in Reading. Unaware of the falling out, Erin’s sister asked Georgia why she hadn’t been over to their house yet. Georgia lied and said she had just been busy but would see them all soon. Erin’s sister then asked if Georgia was feeling better, she said she had been told by Erin how Georgia’s ex had cheated on her and given her an STD. Georgia didn’t want to embarrass Erin’s sister so said her ex did cheat on her, but said Erin was confused over him giving her an STD as that didn’t happen.

Enough is enough

The next day Georgia decided to go round to Erin’s house and confront her face to face. She asked Erin why she was spreading silly rumours about her. Erin denied any knowledge of spreading any rumours and just blamed over people instead. Tired of arguing and of Erin’s lying, Georgia said she was going to book a lie detector test for Erin. Full or pride and denial, Erin agreed she would take a lie detector test.

The results

The results from Erin’s test showed she was lying. Erin confessed she had been behind all the rumours about Georgia. She had hopped spreading the rumours would mean Georgia would have to speak to her again. However, she also confessed that she had been texting and meeting up with Tom. Outraged, Georgia said she didn’t want to hear or see Erin again. She said given time the pair might be able to repair their friendship but for now she didn’t want anything to do with Erin until her wounds had healed.

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