Case Study | Ramsgate Lie Detector Tests Booked for Warring Parents

Mar 27, 2021

Ramsgate Lie Detector Tests Booked for Warring Parents

A wedding prompted our clients to book two Ramsgate lie detector tests for the groom’s parents when one refused to attend if the other was there.

Candace and Byron’s Case

Byron fell in love with Candace the moment he met her, when she was just 18 years old and he 17. But the couple were sensible.  They completed their education and dated for 7 years before they decided to marry. Unfortunately their plans were shattered by the pandemic so they deferred their wedding.  However, this year they were determined to tie the knot.

Warring parents

The pandemic was not the only problem Byron had.  Unlike Candace who came from a loving, unbroken home, he had warring parents.  His mother, Fay, kicked his father out for infidelity when he was 8.  All his life his mother had denigrated Lawrence, his father, to the lowest. He was a drunk and a womaniser, she told him.

He’d hardly seen his father when he was growing up but when he’d made it to the University of Kent, he learned that Lawrence lived in Ramsgate.  They met up in an attempt to repair their relationship.

Most students struggle financially and Byron was no different.  Lawrence helped him out dozens of times during his studies.  They developed a close relationship over the years. His father never mentioned the break up with his mother apart from saying they just didn’t get on.  He was eager to reassure Byron that he’d always loved him and Byron was in no way responsible for the separation.

Conflicting stories

Candace suggested that perhaps their wedding might get Byron’s parents back on civil terms. But when Byron told his mother that he had renewed contact with Lawrence, she exploded.  She accused him of being disloyal and said if Lawrence was attending their wedding, they could count her out.

Byron wanted both his parents at his wedding and decided to ask his father about the break up.  He told Lawrence what Fay had said about it.  Lawrence said that he suspected that Fay had indoctrinated him with lies. He’d never committed adultery not even after they separated.  It wasn’t until 4 years after the divorce that he’d found a new partner.

Fay had always been jealous, he said, and finally he’d walked out.  Her jealousy of his female colleagues without foundation caused problems at work.  If he had to work late she would accuse him of spending time with a “mistress” but in less flattering terms.  The stress of living with her constant accusations did cause him to drink more than he should, but her obsession drove him out.

Ramsgate lie detector tests

After Byron related his conversation with Lawrence to Candace, she suggested that he get both his parents to take polygraph tests.  Byron didn’t know what to believe.  His father had calmly told his side of the story and his mother ranted hers.

Two Ramsgate lie detector tests were booked with us, after Byron called our Free Helpline to find out if we could help. On the day, Lawrence turned up but Fay didn’t.

One of our Greater London polygraph examiners conducted Lawrence’s test having formulated the questions Byron needed answers to.  There was no deception found.  In essence this meant that Fay couldn’t possibly be telling the truth.

Armed with a fully analysed, peer reviewed report with the results, 24 hours later Byron confronted his mother.  Angrily she told him that there was clearly a mistake because she had always told him the truth.  When asked why she hadn’t turned up for her test, she said she had no reason to.  He either trusted the woman who had brought him up his whole life or he didn’t.


Candace and Byron concluded that the open and honest way in which Lawrence conducted himself gave him more credibility.  The lie detector test results had confirmed that.

Fay has been given an ultimatum.  Either she takes the polygraph examination within the next couple of weeks or she won’t be invited to the wedding.

It’s never a good idea to lie to your children over a separation or divorce.  The truth will always come out one way or the another.

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