Racially Motivated Leamington Spa Lie Detector Test Query

This is the first Leamington Spa lie detector test query we have received that appears to be racially motivated. Our West Midlands Polygraph examiner responded to it.

Q: Will a lie detector test prove if my girlfriend has slept with a white man?

I have been seeing my girlfriend on and off for about 6 years. We are both British African Caribbean. Our parents were part of the Windrush generation.

We have broken tradition to a degree by not marrying each other. Both of us have been divorced and we want to think carefully about remarrying.  Now I am doubtful that I will marry her.

The other day a young woman turned up and said she was my girlfriend’s daughter. Apparently this white woman had been adopted at birth. My girlfriend became very angry and said she must have mistaken her identity. The young woman had some documents with her which my girlfriend refused to look at and rudely turned her away.

No matter what I have said she continues to deny all knowledge and I think she is hiding something. She said it was ridiculous that I should think the young woman had anything to do with her as she was white.

My concern is not that she may have had a baby outside of wedlock but that she has slept with a white person. My girlfriend was pretty much a wild child when she was at university. In her gap year she went on holiday with a number of students. Looking at her photo albums she does seem to a lot of her with a white guy. The thought of them sleeping together is tearing me apart.

Will a lie detector test clear this mess up and can you do one in Leamington Spa?

A. L., Leamington Spa

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

To directly answer your questions, yes we can conduct a Leamington Spa lie detector test and it will help you establish the truth.  Whether or not it will “clear this mess up” is a different issue.

It is of course possible that two black parents can produce a white baby. The parents may have dormant white genes inherited from unknown white ancestors. Or the young woman might have albinism or a genetic mutation which is unique to her. It is also possible that something has affected her skin pigmentation. Skin pigmentation can be affected by recessive disorders allowing not only white babies to be born to black parents, but black babies to be born to white. Twelve different genes define what colour our skin will be. They control the amount of melanin produced in our skin.

It seems strange that you are more concerned about whether your girlfriend has slept with a white person, than this young woman’s existence. If you have her details we suggest you arrange a DNA test but this may still not tell you whether your girlfriend had a white lover. Conversely, a lie detector test will.

We strongly advise that you include a question related to the adopted baby. This young woman clearly wants to find her parents and no one should deprive her of that.

As far as your relationship is concerned, it isn’t the past that matters surely. Your future, if you are to have one, is more important.

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