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Bournemouth Lie Detector Test

Katie had used our Bournemouth Lie Detector Test Service previously.  Her husband Jared had drug addiction problems and we helped her to identify them and seek some counselling.

Bournemouth lie detector test, drug addiction

Norwich Polygraph Test for Domestic Abuse

Jeff, Sharon and Aaron have three things in common. They are all victims of domestic abuse, no one believed them and all took a Norwich polygraph test to prove they were telling the truth.

Norwich polygraph test, domestic abuse

Birmingham Lie Detector

A Birmingham lie detector test could easily have prevented 5 fatalities in 1978 and horrific harassment in 2013. The polygraph is used for several purposes in the UK today and helps with so many cases, including neighbour disputes.

Birmingham lie detector test, neighbour disputes

Lie Detector Test in Cardiff was a Cry for Help

Our lie detector test in Cardiff service is used for a variety of reasons.  Often we find that when someone willingly takes the test it is a cry for help. The most recent involves Dee and her son, Harry.

Lie detector test in Cardiff, addiction, steroids

Beware Fake Lie Detector Test Reports

Over the past year we have been brought fake lie detector test reports by clients who have been duped.n So how do you recognise them and what can you do about them?

Fake Lie Detector Test Reports

Politics and Lies about Brexit Confuse Everyone

There is no doubt that politics and lies about Brexit have dominated the news since the referendum. However, when political lies are used to manipulate the way people think they become dangerous and cause division.

lies about Brexit, politics and lies, lie detector tests

Newbury Lie Detector Test

When our client came to us she was heartbroken that someone had stolen money from her grandson’s trust fund. More so because she believed his mother was the culprit. Our Newbury Lie Detector Test service revealed the truth.

Newbury lie detector test, stolen money

How to find the best UK Lie Detector Test Service

With so many providers available to us, offering the same types of services online, it can be quite overwhelming deciding on which one to use.  Finding the best UK Lie Detector test service is not straightforward.

best UK lie detector test, UK lie detector test

Top 3 Reasons people order Lie Detector Tests in Plymouth

Our phones didn’t stop ringing when the Illicit Encounters Infidelity Index was published in the Plymouth Herald.  Many husbands and wives booked lie detector tests in Plymouth to find out if their partners were members of the site and cheating.

lie detector test in Plymouth

Edinburgh Lie Detector Test

When Sharon got her certificate in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) her husband, John, was proud of her.  He never imagined it would lead to an Edinburgh lie detector test.

Edinburgh lie detector test, infidelity

Will a Lie Detector Test for Cheating improve your Health?

A recent study that featured in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships  suggests the impact on mental and physical health is more serious than we might have imagined. So will a Lie Detector Test for Cheating alleviate much of the cause? 

lie detector test for cheating, infidelity

Twitter poll on Trust in Politicians Yields Interesting Results

Various polls in the past couple of years conducted by  Ipsos MORI and others  have shown that public trust in politicians is at an all-time low.  We decided to conduct our own poll on Twitter and have been astonished by the participation.  In just 3 days our poll...

trust in politicians, twitter poll, lie detector tests

Polygraph test in Colchester

This is the continuation of Clara’s story, when she booked a polygraph test in Colchester for her husband, which we published on 8 November.

polygraph test in Colchester, drug addiction

Pre-employment Screening in the Care Industry

Cases of violence or sexual abuse are regularly featured in newspapers, from within schools to nursing and residential homes. Pre-employment screening in the Care Industry needs to be more rigorous than it already is, in our opinion.

Pre-employment Screening in the Care Industry

Should Mannies Take Lie Detector Tests?

The popularity of male nannies as opposed to traditional female nannies is on the rise in the UK. But should mannies take lie detector tests as part of the pre-employment screening process?

mannies, lie detector tests, male nannies

Lie Detector Test in Swindon

When one of our clients booked a lie detector test in Swindon, she had preconceived ideas of who was being dishonest. She was shocked by the results of the test.

lie detector test in Swindon, polygraph examiner

What Causes Inconclusive Lie Detector Test Results?

The polygraph is possibly one of the most intriguing yet misunderstood devices in the scope of investigatory methodology. But part of the reason inconclusive lie detector results occur is because examiners are not qualified, accredited or experienced.

inconclusive lie detector results, polygraph examiners

Who lies more – men or women?

A survey conducted by Virgin TV claims to have identified who lies more as far as men and women are concerned. 75 percent of British nationals confessed to telling lies to their partners but who does it most?   

Who lies more, lie detector tests

Brain Activity, Telling Lies and Polygraph Tests

Lying is frowned upon in society but actually it’s one of the most refined and challenging achievements of the human brain.  Polygraph tests are still the most reliable methods we have for detecting deception.

Polygraph tests, lie detector tests

How Polygraph Tests in Banking Recruitment can Restore Consumer Confidence

According to recent research conducted by Accenture, trust in banks rose by 11 percent last year. However this still means a lot of work has to be done with only 40 percent of consumers having confidence in banks. Consumer confidence can be greatly enhanced by the use of polygraph tests in banking recruitment.

Polygraph Tests in Banking Recruitment

Arron Banks seeks to Silence Critics with a Lie Detector Test

Arron Banks, in a spat with Alastair Campbell on Twitter, tweeted he will be taking a lie detector test on Wednesday. He stated that he would be inviting Damian Collins and Alastair Campbell to do the same with “3 suggested questions”.  Will they take him up on the offer?

Arron Banks, lie detector test

Checkout Theft Prevention Strategies

Dishonesty among staff members is one of the worst things employers have to deal with. Checkout theft prevention strategies in the retail sector save money and stock.

checkout theft prevention, lie detector tests

Deception is Part of Human Nature and Animal Behaviour

It may be surprising to many but deception has been a trait since life began. There’s nothing novel about it and nothing to suggest that it has increased or diminished over time. Deceit exists everywhere as a part of human nature and animal behaviour. One of the...

deception, polygraph machines

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New Year and a brand New You

With a New Year upon us and having not much to celebrate over the holiday season, start thinking about the positive changes you could make for 2021 to be better year.

New Year, New Year resolution, declutter, lie detector test

Latest Lie Detector News for December 2020

This is our last news roundup of 2020 and what a year it has been! The latest lie detector news for December 2020 is packed full of case studies, polygraph examiner advice and controversial issues.

latest lie detector news for December 2020, lie detector test UK, polygraph examiners

Alfie says a Dog is for Life not just for Christmas

The Lie Detector Test UK mascot, Alfie, is only 9 weeks old and hasn’t yet mastered the art of writing. However, he represents a true example of a dog is for life and not just for Christmas ethic. We will all grow old together.

A dog is for life not just for Christmas, a dog is for life, Alfie, Lie detector test UK

Little White Lies we tell on Christmas Day

There are many things we do at Christmas that we never normally do at any other time of the year.  But the little white lies we tell on Christmas Day are so predictable because we tell them every year.

Things People get up to on Wednesdays

Most of us prefer to think we are not creatures of habit but we all are in one way or another. This “Hump Day” we are going to look at the habitual things people get up to on Wednesdays.

Hump Day lie detector test, things people get up to on Wednesdays

Were you born on a Wednesday?

To celebrate “Hump Day” Wednesday this week we’re going to provide an insight to those of you lucky enough to be born on this exceptional day of the week. Were you born on a Wednesday?

born on a Wednesday, hump day wednesday, lie detector test discount, lie detector test uk

5 Fun Facts about Hump Day

It’s Hump Day!!!! Time to get the answers you need to resolve the issues that have been putting pressure on your lives or your relationships. Take advantage of our Wednesday (Hump Day) lie detector test discounts.

lie detector test discounts, Hump Day

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