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Checkout Theft Prevention Strategies

Dishonesty among staff members is one of the worst things employers have to deal with. Checkout theft prevention strategies in the retail sector save money and stock.

checkout theft prevention, lie detector tests

Deception is Part of Human Nature and Animal Behaviour

It may be surprising to many but deception has been a trait since life began. There’s nothing novel about it and nothing to suggest that it has increased or diminished over time. Deceit exists everywhere as a part of human nature and animal behaviour. One of the...

deception, polygraph machines

Human Factors in Risk Management and Employment Practice

Research has identified that over 70% of employers encounter serious fraudulent claims in job applications. 50% of UK employers routinely lose money dismissing someone for misrepresenting themselves. In essence, if you don’t know your people,  the risks faced by...

False Accusation Sexual Harassment

The impact of being a victim of a false accusation at work is always horrendous – relationships ruined, friendships broken, reputation lost. When the false accusation relates to sexual harassment in the workplace, the desolation is even greater. The sense of shame...

Partner Sex Offender Test Case Study

The Partner Sex Offender Test has become the first step before co-habitation for many couples, especially those with children. Read on to find out how lie detector tests have made their way on to the to-do list for modern couples. Online dating After the nineteenth...

Lie detector test case study

Theft in the workplace

This is what you should do if you suspect theft in the workplace It is shocking to learn that as a result of the current economic climate of frozen wages and rising costs of living, workplace theft is on the rise. According to, data from The...

What does it mean to Fail a Lie Detector Test?

A polygraph examination isn’t a fail or pass issue like taking your GCEs at school. You won’t fail a lie detector test based on how knowledgeable or intelligent you are. ANS and consciousness Polygraph technology functions by measuring physiological alterations in...

fail a lie detector test

How the brain reveals if someone is lying

Lie detector tests are on the rise. When someone is lying, the gnawing doubt is unbearable- you need to know the truth. The problem with lying is that it destroys trust, leaving you unable to believe anything someone tells you. How can you tell if...

False Allegations on Social Media

If someone makes false allegations on social media about you, the news can spread like wildfire and not just among your friends and family. Work colleagues and even your boss may see or be alerted to them. A wicked lie Our client first became aware of a false...

Lie detector test case study

Is it possible to beat a lie detector test?

Searching Google for how to beat a lie detector test will produce some interesting results. There are lots of suggestions, without proof, as to how you can fool the polygraph. Here are some of the methods recommended: Taking cannabis, cocaine or other recreational...

beat a lie detector test

Lie Detector Services for Specialist Recruitment Agency

Facilities management is a large and expanding industry with around 60,000 facilities managers employed in the UK alone. Our client, a specialist recruitment agency, engages our lie detector services regularly to test potential candidates. Who employs facilities...

Lie detector test case study

What some People will do to Avoid a Speeding Ticket!

Many people have been accused of having 'Walter Mitty” type characteristics but none as apt as one UK motorist who did everything possible to avoid a speeding ticket fine of £100 last week. It took police two years to track Christopher Henry down after he led them...

avoid a speeding ticket, lie detector test

The Average Brit admits to Telling Lies over 10 times per week!

Research conducted by One Poll on behalf of found that the average Brit lies in excess of ten times per week. 40 per cent claim that lies are ''sometimes necessary'.  Telling lies appears to have become more acceptable with only 5 percent believing it...

telling lies, lie detector test

3 Reasons High Profile Figures Lie about Sexual Allegations

Throughout history celebrities, politicians and other high profile figures have been known to lie about sexual allegations. Who can forget erstwhile President Clinton’s denial of infidelity with Monica Lewinsky? There are however, 3 main reasons they lie and it’s...

lie about sexual allegations, lie detector test uk

Anti Trump Lies v actual Trump Lies

Whatever people may think of Donald Trump I think we can all agree that he is the most pilloried President of the United States ever. Alleged Trump lies have been written about so many times it’s becoming boring. So we’ve decided to strike a balance by publishing...

trump lies, lie detector test

How Russian Bots became Real People

If this wasn’t so serious it might be laughable but this week Russian Bots have been transformed into real people by Sky News. What is an internet bot? The definition of an internet bot has always been a ‘web robot’ which is a software application. Its job is to...

Russian bots, lie detector test results

Why Amber Rudd had no Choice but to Resign

When politicians appear before the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee we have to wonder whether it wouldn’t be more efficient to connect them to a polygraph machine. The demise of Amber Rudd, our erstwhile Home Secretary, is a perfect example of how the answer...

Amber Rudd, lie detector, polygraph machine

The Confusion between Opinions and Lies

We’ve been having a look at comments on news articles and social media this week. There seems to be much confusion between opinion and lies. An opinion is not a lie There are two main ways in which people formulate opinions.  Some will read an article or listen to...

opinions and lies, lie detector test

Big Lies about Products and Services we Buy

Advertising plays a vital role in selling products and services. Billions of pounds are spent every year convincing us to purchase or use them. But some big lies about products and services we buy have been unashamedly told for years. Here are some you might...

Lies about products and services

Why Lie Detector Evidence hasn’t freed Jeremy Bamber

Lie detector evidence is acceptable in many courts when accompanied by other corroborating evidence.  What is fascinating is that it’s often used by police to help imprison people but seldom used to liberate prisoners. The case of Jeremy Bamber, who has served over...

Lie detector evidence, Jeremy Bamber

Fake News, the BBC and a Papua New Guinea Tribe

Considered to be a bastion of truth, the BBC appears to have filmed a documentary with some fake news in it! Is it any wonder that the general public seek more and more to verify what they hear and see? 100ft high treehouses In 2011, one episode of a series...

Fake News, BBC, Papua New Guinea

New Study reveals CV lies are Rife among Brits

Recent data pulled from Job Today (a recruitment app) reveals that Brits have few qualms about CV lies. A whopping 38 percent of job seekers admit to ‘enhancing’ their CVs. So what if you have never been a voluntary aid worker; travelled the world or worked with...

CV lies, lying on CV, lie detector test

Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and Brexit Scandal

It’s difficult to determine who, enmeshed in the Cambridge Analytica debacle, should take a lie detector test first! Maybe everyone involved! The story broke last week firstly alleging that the data of 50 million Facebook holders had been utilised by an employee of...

Cambridge Analytica, Brexit, Lie detector test

The Law and Polygraph Testing in the UK for Employers

Lie detector tests, as they are commonly called, are becoming more popular in the recruitment industry.  But what does the law say about Polygraph testing in the UK?  Can the results be used in tribunals or courts? Having been used in the United States for many...

polygraph testing in the UK

Should there be a Celebrity Lie Detector Show?

The influence that celebrities have over their fan base is quite powerful. But do they always tell the truth? Should there be a Celebrity Lie Detector Show so that we can find out? Many celebrities, from singers and comedians to Hollywood actors and actresses, have...

Celebrity lie detector show

Propaganda, Fake News and the Lie Detector Test

  The lie machine predates the lie detector test by centuries in the form of propaganda. Every day we are subjected to it in one form or another. From politics and science to commercial products and services our minds are bombarded with misleading and false...

3 Big Reasons that Motivate people to Lie

You might imagine that the only reasons people lie are because they have something to hide or have committed a crime. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are so many reasons that motivate people to lie that a fairly large book could be...

How Lies Damage Relationships

There is nothing positive about telling lies, even little white ones. Often a person’s moral compass will stop them being untruthful, but some people have turned lying into an art form. They can spin the most unbelievable stories with no difficulty...

5 Fascinating Facts about the Lie Detector

The lie detector or polygraph machine has come into the limelight over recent years because of TV reality shows. The Jerry Springer Show in the USA and the Jeremy Kyle Show in the UK have made the general public more aware of them. Many people believe...

The Hotspot for Infidelity in Scotland

According to, the dating website dedicated to people looking for affairs outside marriage, Inverness is the hotspot for infidelity in Scotland. The site produces an annual infidelity index and the 2017 edition was certainly...

Should Politicians take an Annual Lie Detector Test?

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2017 there was an unprecedented drop in trust, spanning 38 nations, in government institutions. So would it be a good idea for politicians to take an annual lie detector test? Perhaps this might rebuild their credibility!...

Fake Lie Detector Test

Fake lie detector test Fake Lie Detector Test Reports, Why? We have recently encountered several clients whom have been provided with fake lie detector reports. Our internal team here conducted some web research and discovered that there are indeed companies and...

What does the Lie Detector Test measure?

A lie detector test is used to determine if the subject is lying about the statements that he has made regarding the accounts of an event, particularly those involving crimes. During the examination, the subject is put under observation by the equipment of the...

The value of Polygraph Research

The Lie detectors UK Examiners use the latest research and applies latest techniques and thus stays up to date in moving the industry ahead with a greater pace. The American Polygraph Association conference, which will be held in the month of September this year in...

5 things that can contaminate a lie detector test results

Google ‘lie detector test’ and one of the first results that comes up is how to beat a polygraph test. The truth is that when a polygraph test is carried out by a professional examiner, who knows how to carry out the test, without letting any bias contaminate the...

Dealing with trust issues in a relationship

When relationships break down, trust is often the blamed as the culprit. Arguments get heated, hearts get broken and the whole experience can sour the months or even years of happy memories. After all that, if the truth hasn’t come to light you’re left with loose...

Body language lie detection

It sounds hard to believe, but it is said that the majority of our communication is portrayed through non-verbal communication. Initially, this may seem like an exaggerated statement, maybe even absurd, but it is a discovery backed by multiple scientific findings....

5 Times Celebrities needed Lie Detector Tests

In a celebrity world dominated by the media, gossip and rumours, how do we know what to trust when a scandal breaks? Some of our favourite celebrities have been caught out in a fall from grace. Here are 5 that could have done with taking a lie detector test to...

Military Uses of Lie Detectors

The military, CIA, FBI and other US Government organisations hold many secrets and are the foundation of thousands of conspiracy theories. From highly classified documents to secretive interrogations and missions, they must have some way to decipher who’s...

Polygraph Questioning Techniques

Lie detection is not a new phenomenon. Way before the sophisticated equipment of today was introduced, we had our own ways of determining the honesty, or otherwise, of our fellow man, and the basis of those methods was surprisingly similar to the ones used now. We...

Single Issue test vs Multi Issue test

This is not a method of questioning as such – any of the techniques mentioned could use Single or Multi Issue questions so it is more a variation on a theme. Looking at Multi Issue Testing first – this is when an examiner asks the subject questions on several...

Lie detector test accuracy

How Accurate is a Lie Detector Test? A lie detector test, or polygraph, is only as good as the examiner. Look at it this way – you could take driving lessons in a top of the range Mercedes, with all the bells and whistles, but if the instructor is rubbish then...

How to prepare for a polygraph test

Undergoing a polygraph examination often proves to be pretty stressful. This happens thanks to the fact that in some cases the test may look like an interrogation. Some are scared of the outcome of the test and fear that they will be falsely accused of something...

Ancient methods of lie detection

Throughout the ages human beings have always searched for ways of verifying the truthfulness of the information received . Lies have managed to begin enormous conflicts that would sometimes turn into brutal wars. Sometimes choosing between telling the truth or...

How to spot a liar

For some, this question tends to be a reason for serious research. It is said that our body language can easily display if the things we are saying are true or not. Before you subject anybody to a polygraph test you obviously want to be sure whether your suspicions...

What is a Polygraph or Lie Detector

So What Exactly is a Polygraph or Lie Detector? If you watch daytime TV, no doubt you will have come across a show in which the host uses a lie detector to prove or disprove, that one of the guests is lying. It invariably centres on whether someone has cheated, or...

Lie Detector Test Procedure

The idea of a lie detector, or polygraph as it is sometimes known, can be somewhat daunting – the closest most people have come to one is when watching a spy thriller, where the hero (or villain) is strapped up to a million wires and asked questions of national...

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Lie Detector!

Lie detectors or polygraph machines have a lot of history behind them and there’s probably a lot people don’t know about them. Despite seeming like a very modern invention (some would even say almost futuristic) they have been around for a long time in some form or...

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UK Lie Detector Test News Roundup July 2020

With the lockdown measures easing our polygraph examiners have been very busy helping you to find clarity in your lives and relationships. Here is our UK lie detector test news roundup for July 2020.

UK lie detector test news, UK lie detector test news roundup July 2020, UK polygraph examiners

UK Lie Detector Test News Roundup May 2020

Having tested negative for Covid-19 many of our polygraph examiners went back to work this month. Here is our monthly UK lie detector test news roundup so that you can review what we did in May 2020.

UK lie detector test news May 2020

April 2020 Polygraph News Roundup

Our polygraph examiners have been subject to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions this month.  However, it hasn’t stopped us keeping an eye on our industry news, sharing some of our case studies and answering enquiries.  Here is our April 2020 Polygraph News Roundup.

April 2020 Polygraph News roundup, coronavirus lockdown, lie detector tests

Wrexham Polygraph Examiner

A worried neighbour wrote to us recently with suspicions that the elderly man next door had dishonest carers.  Our Wrexham Polygraph Examiner responded.

Wrexham Polygraph Examiner, lie detector tests, dishonest carers, abuse of the elderly

Halifax Lie Detector Test

A worried mother contacted our Halifax Lie Detector Test Service when her son was accused of sexual abuse.  She was relieved by the results.

Halifax lie detector test, false allegations, sexual abuse, Yorkshire Polygraph Tests

Peterborough Lie Detector Test

Our client was bombarded with false allegations of infidelity by her husband when she went back to work.  She booked a Peterborough lie detector test to prove him wrong.

Peterborough lie detector test, polygraph examination for infidelity, false allegations

Hartlepool Lie Detector Test

Our client could see that her aunt and uncle weren’t happy, so she ordered a Hartlepool lie detector test to try to save their marriage.

Hartlepool lie detector test, North East Polygraph Services, infidelity

Colchester Polygraph Examiner

Advice from Colchester Polygraph Examiner on Suspected Gambling Addiction When you know there is a problem but you don’t know what it is, a lie detector test is the fastest way to find out. This dilemma was dealt with by our Colchester Polygraph Examiner Q: Will a...

Colchester polygraph examiner, lie detector test, gambling addiction, South East Polygraph Services

Lie Detector Test in Birkenhead

When our client’s fiancé was seen going into a hotel with another girl, she became suspicious. She booked a lie detector test in Birkenhead and was overjoyed with the results.

lie detector test in Birkenhead, infidelity, north west polygraph services

Southport Lie Detector Test

A Southport lie detector test may not be the first thing you think about when struggling with your sexuality. However, our client booked one for his best friend to help him come to terms with it.

Southport lie detector test, North West polygraph services, coming out, struggling with sexuality

Lie Detector Test in Bedford

When walking the dogs took her husband much longer than it should our client booked a lie detector test in Bedford to find out where he was really going.

Lie detector test in Bedford, infidelity, cheating husband, south east polygraph services

Cambridge Lie Detector Test

The Cambridge lie detector test results our clients received this week will ensure they celebrate a happy Valentine’s Day today.

Cambridge lie detector test, infidelity, couples test

Lie Detector Test in Stafford

When her husband stayed out very late, allegedly canvassing prospective constituents our client suspected something was wrong.  She booked a lie detector test in Stafford to find out if he was having an affair.

Lie detector test in Stafford, infidelity lie detector test, West Midlands Polygraph Service

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