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UK Lie Detector Test News Roundup May 2020

Having tested negative for Covid-19 many of our polygraph examiners went back to work this month. Here is our monthly UK lie detector test news roundup so that you can review what we did in May 2020.

UK lie detector test news May 2020

April 2020 Polygraph News Roundup

Our polygraph examiners have been subject to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions this month.  However, it hasn’t stopped us keeping an eye on our industry news, sharing some of our case studies and answering enquiries.  Here is our April 2020 Polygraph News Roundup.

April 2020 Polygraph News roundup, coronavirus lockdown, lie detector tests

Wrexham Polygraph Examiner

A worried neighbour wrote to us recently with suspicions that the elderly man next door had dishonest carers.  Our Wrexham Polygraph Examiner responded.

Wrexham Polygraph Examiner, lie detector tests, dishonest carers, abuse of the elderly

Halifax Lie Detector Test

A worried mother contacted our Halifax Lie Detector Test Service when her son was accused of sexual abuse.  She was relieved by the results.

Halifax lie detector test, false allegations, sexual abuse, Yorkshire Polygraph Tests

Peterborough Lie Detector Test

Our client was bombarded with false allegations of infidelity by her husband when she went back to work.  She booked a Peterborough lie detector test to prove him wrong.

Peterborough lie detector test, polygraph examination for infidelity, false allegations

Hartlepool Lie Detector Test

Our client could see that her aunt and uncle weren’t happy, so she ordered a Hartlepool lie detector test to try to save their marriage.

Hartlepool lie detector test, North East Polygraph Services, infidelity

Colchester Polygraph Examiner

Advice from Colchester Polygraph Examiner on Suspected Gambling Addiction When you know there is a problem but you don’t know what it is, a lie detector test is the fastest way to find out. This dilemma was dealt with by our Colchester Polygraph Examiner Q: Will a...

Colchester polygraph examiner, lie detector test, gambling addiction, South East Polygraph Services

Lie Detector Test in Birkenhead

When our client’s fiancé was seen going into a hotel with another girl, she became suspicious. She booked a lie detector test in Birkenhead and was overjoyed with the results.

lie detector test in Birkenhead, infidelity, north west polygraph services

Southport Lie Detector Test

A Southport lie detector test may not be the first thing you think about when struggling with your sexuality. However, our client booked one for his best friend to help him come to terms with it.

Southport lie detector test, North West polygraph services, coming out, struggling with sexuality

Lie Detector Test in Bedford

When walking the dogs took her husband much longer than it should our client booked a lie detector test in Bedford to find out where he was really going.

Lie detector test in Bedford, infidelity, cheating husband, south east polygraph services

Cambridge Lie Detector Test

The Cambridge lie detector test results our clients received this week will ensure they celebrate a happy Valentine’s Day today.

Cambridge lie detector test, infidelity, couples test

Lie Detector Test in Stafford

When her husband stayed out very late, allegedly canvassing prospective constituents our client suspected something was wrong.  She booked a lie detector test in Stafford to find out if he was having an affair.

Lie detector test in Stafford, infidelity lie detector test, West Midlands Polygraph Service

Lie Detector Test in Wolverhampton

Valentine’s Day was the one day in the year that our client could spoil his wife.  But due to the results of a lie detector test in Wolverhampton this year will be different.

Lie detector test in Wolverhampton, West Midlands polygraph services, infidelity lie detector test, infidelity in the armed forces

January 2020 Polygraph News Roundup

With Christmas behind us we are now a month into the New Year. Our January 2020 polygraph news roundup is full of case studies, advice from our polygraph examiners and interesting industry news.

January 2020 Polygraph News, lie detector test, lie detector test news

Lie Detector Test in Aylesbury

Our client ordered a lie detector test in Aylesbury for gambling addiction. Her brother was shocked by what it revealed about his flutter on the horses.

lie detector test in Aylesbury, gambling addiction

Lie Detector Test in Glasgow

It’s rare that we get a request from a teenager to book a lie detector test in Glasgow or anywhere else for that matter. However, last week with the help of her father, a 16 year old arranged a test for herself.

lie detector test in Glasgow, polygraph results

Lie Detector Test in Wrexham

It’s never easy when a family friend is suspected of being dishonest.  Our client ordered a lie detector test in Wrexham for his mother’s closest friend with predictable results.

Lie detector test in Wrexham, dishonesty, polygraph test, dishonest family friend

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Come down to earth on Earth Day 2021

This Earth Day we’re concentrating on ‘down to earth people’ who seem to be a dying breed. How can we hope to tackle larger issues with so much deception in almost every aspect of our lives?

World Health Day Lie Detector Test Discounts

Commendable though the World Health Organisation’s plans are to build a fair, healthier world, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have left most people concerned about matters closer to home.

World Health Day

Give your Mum the Gift of Truth on Mother’s Day 2021

In words, deeds and with unconditional love, mothers deeply influence their children. Our mothers give us the precious gift of life, nurturing and supporting us. To celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 here are some of history’s greatest and most inspiring mothers.

mother's day 2021, discount on lie detector tests, gift of truth

International Women’s Day 2021

On International Women’s Day 2021, we would like to pay our own tribute to some of the women who have entered our lives during the pandemic. They have shown tremendous courage or presence of mind in using lie detector tests to resolve their issues.

International Womens Day 2021, lie detector tests, infidelity, biological women

New Year and a brand New You

With a New Year upon us and having not much to celebrate over the holiday season, start thinking about the positive changes you could make for 2021 to be better year.

New Year, New Year resolution, declutter, lie detector test

Latest Lie Detector News for December 2020

This is our last news roundup of 2020 and what a year it has been! The latest lie detector news for December 2020 is packed full of case studies, polygraph examiner advice and controversial issues.

latest lie detector news for December 2020, lie detector test UK, polygraph examiners

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