Private Lie Detector Tests for Family Members who Steal from you

Aug 12, 2022 | Case Study, Private Lie Detector Test

No matter the reason lies are told, the damaging effect when a family member steals from us is devastating.  Private lie detector tests are available to help resolve family disputes such as these.

Anyone who has watched the Jeremy Kyle show can see how hurtful this situation is and how trust is completely destroyed.

Below is one example of how a lie detector was used to identify which of the members of a family stole a safe:

At Lie Detector Test UK we don’t believe the best way to confront an issue as sensitive as this is to air the problem publicly in front of millions of viewers.

There are several reasons for this, not least the fact that the thief could be recognised by anyone in the street.  Often these matters resolve themselves, the perpetrator is forgiven and trust restored.

On the Jeremy Kyle show, often when someone accuses a family member of stealing, the lie detector proves them to be innocent. The humiliation and sometimes anger of a person who has been falsely accused is palpable.

What to do if a family member steals from you

If you are fairly sure of your ground, the best thing to do is ask them direct.  It won’t be easy but it can’t be swept under the carpet!  After you have spoken to them you’ll be able to begin repairing the emotional damage caused by such a devastating betrayal.

You’ll need to plan what you are going to say, so don’t confront them immediately. You’ll obviously be feeling hurt and possibly annoyed so it’s best to compose yourself first.

Depending on how positive you are that the person has stolen from you, it will define your approach.  If you’re certain then you could say “I am hurt that you stole my money from my purse”. This may, and quite often does, elicit a confession. But if you are not sure it is best to ask “Did you take any money from my purse because some is missing?”

The latter allows the culprit to deny they have done it in which case you can explain why you think they have.  The denial may continue so you have very few options other than calling them a liar and having a long fall out.  However, suggesting they take a lie detector test is a good option.

Private lie detector tests

Private lie detector tests are available to anyone who needs them, not just TV shows or to the police.  The test is conducted in a calm, safe environment and the results analysed by a qualified polygraph examiner.  It’s a completely confidential service and no details are ever shared with anyone except you and the subject, much less with millions of TV viewers!


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