Following an unusual interview granted by Prince Andrew to the BBC there has been considerable speculation as to why he gave it.  The interview focused on the Prince’s relationship with financier Jeffrey Epstein (deceased) and allegations of sexual abuse made by Virginia Giuffre (previously Virginia Roberts).

At Lie Detector Test UK we believe the Prince should take a lie detector test in Windsor, London or anywhere else that is convenient to him. It may assist in areas where he appears to have lost his memory.

British journalist Emily Maitlis conducted the interview which can be accessed by clicking here

Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew stated that he met Jeffrey Epstein through Ghislaine Maxwell, who is a long standing friend of the Prince and was at the time, Epstein’s girlfriend.  Much of his story relating to his interaction with Epstein in the early days is credible.  As a financier, Epstein would have been able to teach the Prince a lot to assist him in his work. After leaving the Royal Navy, Prince Andrew was going to become the Special Representative for International Trade and Investment. Epstein introduced him to UN officials, academics and politicians at dinner parties that he held.

Prince Andrew denies that he and Epstein were close friends. When questioned about visits that Epstein made to Sandringham and Windsor the Prince was insistent that the Royal Family didn’t invite him.  Rather he came as a “plus one” with Ghislaine Maxwell who was invited by the Prince.

When it was pointed out that he had stayed in houses belonging to Epstein the Prince explained that it was at the invitation of Ms Maxwell.  As far as the trafficking of young girls is concerned, he said he had no knowledge of it.

The photograph

A photograph showing Prince Andrew with his arm around the waist of Ms Giuffre was discussed. We noted that he said the photograph was taken upstairs in Ms Maxwell’s house but couldn’t remember it being taken.  He later said that he hadn’t been upstairs in the house. He confirmed the male in the photo was quite obviously him but that it had been suggested the photo may have been manipulated.  When Emily Maitlis told him that Ms Giuffre said the photo was taken by Epstein, the Prince responded that he’d never seen Epstein with a camera or taking photos. Ms Maitlis didn’t seem to pick up the discrepancy about him never being upstairs yet knowing that was where the photo was taken.  This is one question that could be asked in a polygraph examination.

The meeting

In 2008 Epstein pleaded guilty to 2 felony prostitution charges as part of a plea deal.  He was sentenced to 18 months in jail and ordered to register as a sex offender.

Epstein was released from prison in 2009, having served 13 months.

In 2010 Prince Andrew met with Epstein, telling Emily Maitlis that he did so in order to end their friendship.  Bear in mind that earlier in the interview he denied any form of close friendship with the man.  The Mail on Sunday published a picture of the two men walking in Central Park and at the time, allegedly experts were hired to establish whether this photo and that of the Prince with his arm around Ms Giuffre were fake.  Since Prince Andrew now admits to meeting Epstein and taking that walk it has to be asked why he would hire experts to investigate the veracity of that particular image.

The meeting, according to the Prince, was arranged by him because he felt he should end the friendship in person rather than on the phone.  Again it is curious since he maintains they weren’t close friends.

After the meeting the Prince stayed at Epstein’s house in Manhattan for 4 days which is odd considering he ended the friendship.  Some incredibly disturbing video footage of the comings and goings of people emerged from the Daily Mail.  Young girls went in and out and the Prince was seen to wave one of them off.  His explanation during the interview was not very credible.  At one point he told Emily Maitlis that he thought the people he saw coming and going were staff.  We’re not sure it is normal for members of the Royal Family to wave to staff when they leave.

Naturally there is speculation that perhaps a honeytrap was set for the Prince (as often happens with the rich and famous).  Was he being blackmailed?  Nevertheless no one including royalty should be above the law. A lie detector test  would prove it one way or the other.

Virginia Guiffre

Ms Giuffre alleges that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew on 3 occasions by Epstein.  The Prince says he has no recollection of her and denies ever having sex with her.  On one occasion Ms Guiffre stated that she had been dancing and drinking at a nightclub with him and because he was perspiring so much she had to have a bath.  He states that on the date this allegedly occurred he was looking after his children whilst his wife was away.  He remembers this because he took his daughter to a party at a pizza restaurant in Woking.  When asked how he remembered this so well he said that it was very unusual for him to do this, hence it was memorable.  To back up his version of events he said that it couldn’t be true in any event because at the time he was unable to sweat.

We have researched this and found a condition called Anhidrosis which stops people from perspiring. However, the Prince’s explanation as to how he got it (being fired at in the Falklands war causing an overdose of adrenalin) has baffled dermatology expert, Professor John Hawk, from London’s King’s College and St Thomas’ Hospital.  The Professor stated that an adrenalin overdose is likely to cause more perspiration and not less.

Virginia Giuffre is adamant that she is telling the truth.

Lie detector test invitation for Prince Andrew

Generally the interview didn’t go well for Prince Andrew. Legal experts consider that he shouldn’t have given it considering he couldn’t recollect so many things, with one describing the interview as “catastrophic”.  We believe a polygraph examination will not only help him to remember but also verify the truth.

We hope he accepts our offer to take a lie detector test in Windsor or London or any other location of his choice.  The results from it may prove more credible than the interview was.