Case Study | Preston Lie Detector Test saves Boy from Terrorism

Jan 16, 2020

When our client noticed a dramatic change in her teenage son’s behaviour, she chose a Preston lie detector test to get to the bottom of it.

Lusiya’s Case

Bahira had always been good at school, straight A grades and very involved with after school activities such as football and science club. His parents hoped he would become a professor when he was older. Born and raised in the UK didn’t come without its complications especially since they were Christians, living in an almost exclusively Islamic community.

Lusiya, his mother, had always tried to shield Bahira from terrorist activities they saw on the news and she was proud he wouldn’t ask about it. She didn’t want him thinking that all Muslims were terrorists, since this was simply untrue.

Talkative visitor

One day, an older boy came round to the house asking for Bahira. He claimed to be in a football club with him. As he was passing in his car he thought he’d pick Bahira up to save the walk. This was the first time they’d met Syed, so invited him in for tea before allowing their son to go with him. Syed had a lot to say for himself, much of which Lusiya didn’t agree with. The first thing was that he didn’t agree women should show their faces or hair, something Lusiya had always done. He explained due to his beliefs he couldn’t sit and have tea with her and she respected that. Although she and her family had chosen to be Christians they understood and accepted others’ beliefs.

Mind control

After that first meeting, Syed picked up Bahira regularly. One afternoon Lusiya received a call from the school asking how long it would be before her son returned. They were concerned he’d been sick for so long, a month to be exact.  Lusiya made excuses for her son but spoke to Bahira when he got home. He was still in his uniform and told her the school was pointless. All he’d learned was that they were “mentally conditioning” him and so were his parents. He said he was converting away from Christianity and if they didn’t like it then he could go and live with Syed. At 16, they didn’t want this and worried he’d been spending time with some sort of cult or worse still ISIS.

Preston lie detector test

Bahira’s behaviour was getting worse and Lusiya contacted us for a Preston lie detector test.  She had spoken to her son about ISIS and explained she would call the police if he didn’t take the polygraph test.

Bahira went along to the test and afterwards Lusiya waited anxiously for the polygraph examiner’s report. The results indicated there was a possibility an ISIS group had gotten hold of her son. Thankfully, this had only been for a short period of time.  Once shown the videos of the devastation caused by terrorism in the UK, US and Middle East the family managed to make Bahira see how bad the organisation was.

Lusiya realises that trying to keep things from her son was a mistake and they all watch the news together now. Many children in this country are less fortunate and their parents wouldn’t have had the quick thinking that Lusiya did.  In booking a Preston lie detector test she was able to get to the bottom of a potentially lethal situation and do something positive about it.

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