Almost every day there is something in the headlines related to data theft and fraud. As employers we have a responsibility to provide the best service we can to our clients and customers which often includes protecting their information from hackers and unscrupulous employees. We should be able to trust the people we employ to protect our reputations in following through with what we promise as business owners. How can we ensure that this happens? Here are some of the options available for pre-employment screening in London and nationwide.

Pre-employment screening in London and nationwide

Usually the recruitment process begins with scrutinising the CVs of applicants. Some CVs are outstanding and give the impression that the candidate is ideal for the vacancy.  However, we are not employing CVs; we are employing the people who provide them.

Recent surveys have revealed that candidates have few scruples when it comes to fabricating all or part of their CVs.  This is particularly true when applicants face stiff competition for a role.

Employers that don’t check the details provided by an applicant can easily end up with staff that not only lack the requisite qualifications but also dishonest people who put businesses at risk. Embellishments on a CV that are left unchecked can have legal implications for employers especially in regulated industries such as finance and medicine.

Many employers are not aware of the options available to them that can enhance the pre-employment screening in London and throughout the UK. Here we explore some of them.

Lie detector tests

Having candidates take lie detector tests is a good way of saving time and effort.  They can be asked if the details they have provided are correct.  If deception is discovered during the test then you know you have to double check everything they have told you.

For example if they have been dishonest about the gaps in their CV, you’ll want to know the truth of the matter.  You may decide that if they have been dishonest regarding these details, they are not suitable for a role in your company.

The references they have given are unlikely to produce negative feedback since no one provides a reference from someone who isn’t going to say good things about them.  Gaps in a CV may represent periods of employment that have, for one reason or another, not worked out.  You should be very interested in speaking to employers from those periods.

SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis)

If you are considering employing a number of people SCAN is a very good option that ensures you are not being deceived.

Applicants complete a questionnaire and their answers are scientifically analysed by a highly trained professional examiner.  Dishonesty can be identified in what the candidate has written. This pre-employment screening process allows you to narrow down a short list very quickly.

Artificial Intelligence (EyeDetect)

EyeDetect is the latest technology for detecting deception and is being used internationally in 40 countries.  It detects changes in eye behaviour including dilation of pupils and involuntary movement of the eye when subjects are being questioned.

Candidates sit in front of a screen for around 15-30 minutes and answer questions put to them with a simple true or false response. Currently this technology lags slightly behind conventional polygraph equipment in terms of accuracy.  So far EyeDetect can achieve 86 percent in half an hour for screening tests whereas the latest polygraph equipment hits 90 percent accuracy and above.  EyeDetect also achieves up to 90 percent on single issue tests in 15 minutes. It’s one to watch as developers continue to improve the technology.

EyeDetect is currently used to screen candidates, as well as existing employees, for possible involvement in crimes such as terrorism, illegal drug use and/or trafficking, espionage among other unethical practices.

Lie Detector Test UK

At Lie Detector Test UK, we are incredibly lucky to have all of the above technology at our disposal.  We know that the staff we employ share the same work ethics as we do and that they are 100 percent honest.

Would you like to have the same peace of mind that we do? Contact us to discuss the options available to employers for pre-employment screening in London and nationwide.