Pre-employment Polygraph Sreening for the Security Sector

The Security Services sector in the UK is big business and turns over in excess of £3.8 billion annually from the top 30 security service providers. Most use Security Staff Polygraph Testing to complement background and other checks.

Pre-employment screening

Lie detector tests are useful and we submit imperative for prospective job applicants who will be working in the following:

  • Close Protection
  • Handling of large sums of cash
  • Protecting large building projects
  • Retail
  • Protection of Office Buildings
  • Protection of children

Qualifications, education, CV’s and criminal background checks all provide important information about prospective candidates. But what do they tell you about their character and personality? How do you know they haven’t omitted something crucial from their CV? Are you sure their qualifications aren’t fake?

Reputations are valuable

If you provide security services your business stands or falls on reputation. Investing in security staff polygraph examinations puts you in league with top security providers. Your employees are very unlikely to let you down and will enhance the reputation of your business.

If you operate an agency that provides security services, security staff polygraph testing is crucial to the reputation of your business. In depth pre-employment screening is vital particularly when your agency could be sued if something goes wrong.

Polygraph examinations (lie detector tests)

Security staff polygraph testing, together with all the other relevant checks, gives you a complete picture of the candidate. It will resolve any doubts you may have and reveal much about their integrity and loyalty.

Our highly qualified and accredited polygraph examiners work with you to find out what you need to know. Questions are predetermined and confidential between our organisation and yours.

Tests take up to 3 hours to complete. After the test you will receive a fully analysed report to assist you in your decision making process as to whether or not to hire.

We are also able to test your existing staff if you have any doubts about their integrity. With controlled offices all over the UK our examiners are never far away. Alternatively we are able to visit discreetly and conduct tests at your places of business. We would need to check that the space provided matches the environmental requirements of a polygraph examination.

Free, confidential advice

For more information about how our security staff polygraph testing can help your business contact us today. The advice we give is free and our services affordable and help to ensure that you are the best you can be as a security service provider. What price do you put on your reputation?