Pre-Employment Polygraph Screening for the Insurance Sector

Insurance fraud costs providers billions of pounds annually in the UK making it vital that insurers are proactive in the battle against it. When we consider fraud related to insurance we often think in terms of claimants. However, more insidious is the practice of some unscrupulous claims handlers who facilitate fraud.

British insurers identified 130,000 false claims valued at over £129 billion in just one year, according to the ABI (Association of British Insurers), and these claims show no sign of abating.

Pre-employment screening for claimant staff

A less publicised facet of insurance fraud is the risk of collusion between those handling claims and claimants. It’s the same type of collusion that exists between some retail employees and shoplifters. There is nothing worse than effectively paying people to steal from you!

By far the best way of ensuring your employees are loyal and honest is to include lie detector tests (polygraph examinations) in the pre-employment screening process. Background and criminal record checks together with CVs provide only part of the picture. Polygraph examinations provide far greater insight into people who want to work for your company.

How it works

When lie detector tests are ordered we work with you in determining the questions you want answers to.
The examination can be conducted at one of our nationwide offices, your offices or in the home of the candidate. If outside of our controlled, secure offices the room provided needs to meet our environmental requirements which include peace and quiet with no interruptions.

The test begins with a pre-test interview so that the subject can relax and feel comfortable with the examiner. The test will then be conducted and the examiner will be looking for variations in pulse, respiration and perspiration among other reactions.
After the test the results will be analysed and available to you within 48 hours.
Our polygraph examiners are all highly experienced, fully qualified and accredited by the APA (American Polygraph Association).

Risk Limitation

Considering the loss insurers incur annually pre-employment screening that includes polygraph examinations is a small price to pay for risk limitation. Large insurance companies are already seeing the benefits of in depth screening.

Insurers have a range of options available to combat fraud, but focusing solely on technology isn’t smart. The human beings you employ should be made aware of fraud and trained in awareness of it.



Pre-employment screening with lie detectors ensures your employees are the right people to protect your business and reputation. If you would like more details about our polygraph services for insurers please contact us. Our advice is free, so do take advantage of it.


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