Pre-employment polygraph screening in the banking and financial services

Banking polygraph services assist banks in several ways but mainly in pre-employment screening and when investigations of existing staff are necessary.

Since many bank employees handle or have access to large quantities of cash and other valuable assets, bigger banks use polygraph examinations to ascertain the integrity of prospective job applicants.

Why use polygraph services in banking?

Those candidates who are really interested in a banking career and are honest have no problem with taking a lie detector test. An objection to it will not inspire employers no matter how good a CV may look.

Research has revealed that 38 percent of job applicants admit to lying on their Curriculum Vitae. Further, there is a roaring trade in fake degrees which was exposed on BBC Radio 4 recently. As many as 3,000 a year are being sold to British buyers and can be obtained online.

Checks on education, qualifications and background are naturally necessary but they are not infallible. A professionally administered lie detector test included in the pre-employment screening process provides a wealth of information. You will know beyond a reasonable doubt that the applicant has been honest regarding work history, qualifications and background. You will also learn about the candidate’s integrity and character thus matching your specific requirements.

Where is the polygraph examination conducted?

Lie Detector Test UK has secure, controlled offices throughout the UK. Alternatively, the examination can take place in the bank provided a room is provided that is environmentally appropriate and meets our testing requirements.

How long does the test take?

It depends on how many questions you require to be posed. We allocate up to 2 hours per examinee which encompasses the pre-test interview, the examination and the initial report. The examiner’s detailed analysis is usually available within 48 hours.
Only the person who commissioned the test will have access to it, unless we are instructed otherwise in writing.

Benefits of Banking Polygraph Services

The primary advantage of including lie detector tests in pre-employment screening is that banks end up with honest, reputable and loyal staff. These employees are more likely to make long term careers in banking.
Equally as important is you can be confident that these ‘super screened’ employees will not harm the bank’s reputation.


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