PCSOT - Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing

In the Interest of Public Safety
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Public Safety - Sex Offender Rehabilitation

Polygraph Examinations are being conducted on convicted sex offenders as a preventative pre-release measure and in the Interest of Public Safety. Our network of APA accredited examiners are actively conducting the tests. We have outlined the framework for public knowledge and please feel free to contact us for any queries.

63 sex offenders back in jail after lie detector tests Paedophiles and rapists are caught out breaking the terms of their release from prison after undergoing new polygraph tests, Ministry of Justice figures show


Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing - Program Objective

Public Safety

The primary objective of all post-conviction sex offender testing is to protect the public from potential re-offenders being released back into society without proper testing being completed to assure they have been rehabilitated. The purpose of the practise is to determine any problematic behaviour, deterrence of problematic behaviour and to detect deception through investigating supposed abstinence.

The test itself can be added to other professional behaviour orientated psychological practise as part of a larger risk assessment and under no normal and compliant practise would the results of the polygraph test alone determine the outcome.

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