Lie Detector Test in Portsmouth

£495 inc. No hidden fees. A Fair and Affordable price to enable you to get beyond uncertainty.

If you need a lie detector test in Portsmouth for infidelity, false accusations or theft you can book online using our secure reservation system.

Lie Detector Test in Portsmouth

We provide professional, confidential, and exceptionally accurate polygraph services, carried out by accredited examiners. Strategically located in the heart of Portsmouth, we are dedicated to delivering trustworthy results with the highest degree of integrity and discretion. Rely on Lie Detector Test UK – Portsmouth, your trusted partner in truth verification

Private Polygraph Test / Lie Detector Test location in Norwich

Visit our discreet venue at Ground Floor, Lakeside North Harbour, Western Road Building 1000, Portsmouth PO6 3EZ, United Kingdom, where your privacy is our utmost priority. Please note that our office operates strictly by appointment, ensuring devoted attention to your unique needs. We eagerly await your consultation.

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Use our secure online booking system to request your preferred date, time and location for a lie detector test.

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To ensure efficiency, we only accept appointments through our online booking system. Upon booking, you’ll receive an SMS and email confirmation. Booking online is the most efficient and optimal way to schedule a polygraph test. This method ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, eliminating potential delays and simplifying the entire process for our clients.
Our offices where we conduct lie detector tests are chosen based on their closeness to clients and their prior suitability. Typically, Controlled Environment Examination Offices are accessible within a 10-15 mile radius of your mainland addresses, ensuring convenience and professional settings for your needs.
Update: Limited slots in Scotland: If you require a lie detector test to be conducted in Scotland, please click here.

To proceed and confirm your booking, we only require an upfront payment of a £125 booking fee (non-refundable).

The booking fee is paid at the time of the booking and is then deducted from the total amount due.

The non-refundable booking fee ensures the customer's commitment to the scheduled appointment and supports the administrative costs associated with securing preferred time slots, conducting pre-examination assessments, and assigning a qualified polygraph examiner. This fee will be deducted from the full payment for the polygraph test. It's important to note that the full payment must be completed within 24 hours after the examiner approves the pre-examination assessment, ensuring your dedication and helping to minimize cancellations. The payment is non-refundable to ensure that the subject does in fact intend to take the test.

Without these measures in place, there is a temptation for a guilty party to book a test as proof that they have nothing to hide, and subsequently cancel the booking. Please be sure you or the test taker can, and intend to make the appointment when you book with us

As a highly mobile polygraph service that operates day and night, including weekends, for the convenience of our clients, we must manage our scheduling and fee collection efficiently. To maintain our competitive pricing, it is essential to ensure that cancellations after long commutes do not result in lost work and income. Therefore, we require full payment no later than 24 hours after the examiner accepts the pre-examination assessment, in addition to the £125 non-refundable booking fee at the time of making your appointment.

Once an appointment is made, fees are non-refundable. You may certainly call for a free consultation at any time, we simply ask that you not schedule an appointment until you are certain you can make that appointment.

Experience precise, professional polygraph exams, cross-verified by accredited British Polygraph Society Examiners.

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Lie Detector Test Portsmouth Prices:

  • Single Person: £495
  • Couple (2 people): £690
  • Group (min. 3 people): £295 per person

Rely on Portsmouth’s leading lie detector service for results underscored by accuracy and trustworthiness, leveraging the latest in technological advancements.

Choosing to take a lie detector test is an impactful decision. For those in Portsmouth, being cognizant of the related expenses is crucial. Our pricing methodology in Portsmouth seamlessly blends transparency with affordability, ensuring clients benefit from outstanding service without overstretching their financial limits.

Single Person Test: In Portsmouth, the fee for an individual choosing the lie detector test stands at £495. This encompasses a meticulous evaluation led by our highly-regarded polygraph specialists, underscoring our commitment to detail and reliability.

Couple’s Test: When a couple is keen to both participate in the test, the cumulative charge is £690. This specifically curated package adeptly navigates any nuances or concerns within relationships, presenting lucid insights for both parties.

Group Tests: In instances where groups of a minimum of three people need testing, the price is determined at £295 per person. This competitive pricing structure ensures that larger contingents or corporate groups can access our deep expertise without any dip in the quality or validity of the outcomes.

Every test we administer is anchored in the finest contemporary tools and approaches. This unwavering dedication ensures that all findings are not just accurate, but steadfastly dependable. For those seeking clarity and authenticity, Portsmouth’s top-tier lie detector service remains the optimal choice.

Take a Polygraph Test in Portsmouth and alleviate your stress on Stress Awareness Day

Today, Wednesday 3 November 2021 is National Stress Awareness Day. A great opportunity for us all to focus on causes of stress in our lives. A  day perhaps take a polygraph test in Portsmouth. Stress affects different people in different ways and not all stress is...

Portsmouth Lie Detector Test reveals Carer Fraud

Vast sums of money went missing from our client’s elderly father’s bank account. Suspecting carer fraud, he ordered a Portsmouth lie detector test.

Portsmouth Lie Detector Test Query from Refugee

This query for a Portsmouth lie detector test comes from a now settled refugee. Our Hampshire Polygraph Examiner responded to it.

Case Study | Results of Infidelity Lie Detector Test in Portsmouth Embarrass Husband

When her husband suspected she was having a fling with a publican, our client booked an infidelity lie detector test in Portsmouth to prove her innocence.

Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Portsmouth shows why Truck Driver’s Routine changed

Our client was worried that her long distance lorry driver husband was cheating on her.  She ordered a lie detector test in Portsmouth for infidelity, to find out.

Advice regarding a South East Lie Detector Test for Domestic Abuse

Our South East lie detector test examiner answered a query this week regarding domestic abuse.  Anyone who is suffering in silence may be interested in her response.

Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair

Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair A Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair when our client Tina suspects her fiancé Tom guilty of cheating on her. Here is Tina’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got her the answers she deserves. The beginning Tina met...

Kent Lie detector test used in domestic abuse cases

Kent Lie detector test used in domestic abuse cases A Kent lie detector has recently helped police in domestic abuse cases. A new study reveals how technology is being utilised by abusers. The technology Digital technologies are increasingly becoming the latest tool...

Welcome to Lie Detector Test UK – Portsmouth, your trusted provider of professional and confidential polygraph services. We are strategically located in the heart of Portsmouth, ensuring our services are readily accessible to clients within and around the area. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver reliable and precise polygraph results with the highest level of integrity and discretion.

Our team consists of experienced and accredited polygraph examiners who uphold our stringent standards for precision and professionalism. They are not only skilled in administering lie detector tests but are also adept at handling sensitive situations, demonstrating the utmost respect and understanding at all times.

At Lie Detector Test UK – Portsmouth, we understand the gravity of the circumstances that necessitate a lie detector test. Consequently, we handle each case with the seriousness and discretion it deserves. We employ the latest polygraph technology and techniques, ensuring an objective and accurate assessment of truthfulness to aid in decision-making, dispute resolution, or truth confirmation.

Our polygraph services cater to a broad range of needs – personal, legal, or professional. Whether you’re an individual seeking clarity, a legal practitioner requiring a lie detector test for a case, or a business keen on truth verification, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Choosing Lie Detector Test UK – Portsmouth means selecting a partnership founded on trust, integrity, and confidentiality. We stand by our professional services and dedication to delivering precise and dependable results that foster trust and confidence.

For more information or to schedule a lie detector test in Portsmouth, do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is more than willing to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and ensure your experience with us is both comfortable and conclusive.

Lie Detector Test UK – Portsmouth, your dependable ally in truth verification, where professionalism and reliability unite.

At Lie Detector Test UK, our services extend beyond Portsmouth. We proudly offer our services to surrounding areas, ensuring that professional and reliable lie detection is accessible to everyone.

We serve the following popular locations in the vicinity of Portsmouth:

1. Havant
2. Waterlooville
3. Gosport
4. Fareham
5. Emsworth
6. Hayling Island
7. Petersfield
8. Chichester
9. Winchester
10. Bognor Regis
11. Southampton
12. Eastleigh
13. Basingstoke
14. Farnham
15. Guildford

Whether you’re located in the heart of Portsmouth or in these nearby locations, you can count on our dedication to delivering high-quality polygraph services with absolute professionalism, accuracy, and discretion. Lie Detector Test UK – Portsmouth, your trusted partner for truth verification, now closer to you than ever.

Kent Lie detector test used in domestic abuse cases

Kent Lie detector test used in domestic abuse cases A Kent lie detector has recently helped police in domestic abuse cases. A new study reveals how technology is being utilised by abusers. The technology Digital technologies are increasingly becoming the latest...

Kent Lie detector test used in domestic abuse cases

Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair

Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair A Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair when our client Tina suspects her fiancé Tom guilty of cheating on her. Here is Tina’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got her the answers she deserves. The beginning Tina...

Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair

Portsmouth Lie Detector Test

Well known for its rich maritime history, Portsmouth is famous for having hosted the nation’s first floodlit league game back in 1956. Even today, daily visitors never cease to be fascinated by one of the most densely populated cities in the UK. It’s also home to a fun-loving university and boasts an extravagant night life for its students.

Unfortunately, Portsmouth has witnessed a rise in criminal activities ranging from anti-social behaviour to violence and sexual abuse in recent years. This can make it difficult for many residents or students to feel safe. A recent national health scandal revealed the truth behind as many as 650 deaths in a hospital due to what can conservatively be described as medical negligence. Whilst there are nationwide known cases of such criminal activity our Portsmouth lie detector test offers people the prospect of determining the truth and the desired peace of mind that comes from knowing it.

Theft within the family

One crime that often goes unreported in Portsmouth is theft within the family. Accusing a family member of stealing is uncomfortable for many victims. Reporting a theft to the police usually is the least likely option families choose to take.

Can you begin to imagine what it would feel like to discover the unexpected? That feeling of betrayal or fearing the discovery that you have not only been the victim of thievery, but family member(s) are the culprit(s). Does such a feeling of despair sound familiar? If so, you are not alone because there have been many cases with such surprising revelations in Portsmouth. Owing to how expensive the cost of living is, someone you once trusted stabs you in the back only to further your already difficult situation both financially and emotionally. Such devastation can be one of the most challenging things to have to deal with.

What’s more, sometimes you are forced to endure the stress of not being able to confront them due to uncertainty of whether the article or money in question has been genuinely lost. In turn, this adversely affects your emotional and mental health.

Portsmouth Lie Detector Test Service

Through our Portsmouth Lie Detector Test service, you can discover the truth for yourself with minimal stress. Our highly qualified and experienced polygraph examiners provide the truth you are seeking, whilst simultaneously allowing a suspect to clear themselves of any wrongful accusations should that be the case.

In the many polygraph tests we have conducted for theft within the family, we have found that those who have nothing to hide willingly take a test. We guarantee that our Portsmouth lie detector test is safe and reliable, providing the necessary answers to allow you to move forward.