Poole Lie Detector Test dispels Malicious Rumours about Cot Death

The loss of a child is heart breaking but made worse when malicious rumours are spread about the cause of death. Our client took a Poole lie detector test stop the gossip.

Kirsty’s Case

When Kirsty’s daughter, and only child, died at 6 months old it was not expected and sudden. The post-mortem examination couldn’t identify the exact cause. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was entered on the death certificate, more commonly referred to as Cot Death.

As a single mother, Kirsty found it hard to cope without the father around to comfort her. Her baby’s dad had disappeared when she found out she was pregnant.

At first neighbours and friends were supportive but her family lived miles away. Since the funeral, she hadn’t seen any of them. She also noticed that her neighbours were not as helpful after the funeral. Indeed, some crossed to the other side of the street when they saw her.

Malicious rumours

One evening Kirsty was looking at the village Facebook page and she saw something that horrified her. Although nothing was said directly, the inference in some posts was that some people didn’t believe her daughter had died from cot death. The posts were generalised stating cases when mothers had ultimately been found guilty of suffocating their babies when the post-mortem hadn’t initially picked it up.

Contacting her best friend, Sharon, Kirsty asked if she had seen the posts. Sharon said everyone had, making it clear that she didn’t believe a word of it. She told Kirsty to ignore it and stop looking at the posts.

Grief stricken as she was, Kirsty couldn’t ignore the posts.  Each day, more and more people joined the thread. She wondered how the people she knew, albeit only as neighbours, could be so nasty.

Poole lie detector test

Kirsty contact us to enquire about a Poole lie detector test.  She wanted to know if it would help her put an end to the vicious gossip. Our Dorset polygraph examiner told her that it would.

The test took place at Kirsty’s home and she got the results within 24 hours. They showed that she had played no part in her baby’s death.

There were two main instigators of the malicious rumours on Facebook, so she mailed a copy of the report to each of them.

She then posted one post on the Facebook page containing the evil rumours. Despite her mental health being in tatters since the death of her daughter, she said, she had taken a lie detector test. The reason was because there were disgusting allegations being made against her and the behaviour of those doing it was reprehensible.  Didn’t they think she had been through enough with the loss of her child? How could they be so cruel? She wrote that she had already sent a copy of her polygraph results to the two main culprits but anyone who wanted to see them, should send her a request.


The posts stopped on Facebook almost immediately. The instigators have not contacted her but many of the participants in the thread have. They all apologised and regretted being drawn into the conversation.

The Poole lie detector test helped Kirsty break out of the bubble she felt trapped in. She had felt totally disconnected from normal life when her baby died. It was made worse by people in her community ignoring her.  Now they are falling over backwards to help her.

Losing a child is one of the worst experiences any of us can imagine. Kirsty will not get over her grief but as time progresses, with support, she will learn to manage it better.

She has our deepest sympathy and we wish her all the very best for the future.