Polygraph test reveals Christmas party kiss

A polygraph test recently revealed Becca’s husband Freddy guilty of sharing a kiss with a colleague at his office Christmas party. Becca suspected Freddy guilty of having a crush on his colleague Maxine. Here is Becca’s story and how we helped her find the truth.

The beginning

Freddy moved companies after being made redundant due to his company closing with the pandemic. Becca felt Freddy hadn’t been appreciated in his last job, so she was happy that he had the chance for a new start. However, only three months into his new role Freddy started to work overtime most days. One day, Becca questioned Freddy why he was staying so late, to which he simple replied “I need to make a good first impression, it won’t always be like this”. She wanted to spend more time with Freddy but understood the last few months had been hard on him, so she wanted him to do well in his new role.

Flirty emails

One day, Freddy left his laptop logged onto his work emails when he rushed into the office. His laptop kept making alert noises so Becca thought she would check everything was ok, in case she needed to ring Freddy and tell him anything related to work whilst he was on his drive into the office. She knew Freddy had an important meeting that afternoon and didn’t want him to miss anything. Checking his notifications, Becca found emails between Freddy and “Maxine”. She was shocked to see there were over 120 emails, and curiosity got the better of her.

What is going on?

Reading through the conversations which dated back to just three weeks into Freddy starting his job, Becca could see numerous flirty messages. The emails read “Looking hot in the meeting today ;)” and “We should get a coffee sometime together”. Shocked at what she had read, Becca decided she would confront Freddy that evening after his meeting, even though she was in floods of tears.


Becca confronted Freddy as soon as he got home that evening. Freddy said she shouldn’t have been ‘snooping’ on him and instead turned the confrontation into an argument about how Becca was insecure, and he was tired of it. Confused and hurt, Becca decided to ignore the emails and try to carry on as usual, she didn’t want to drive Freddy away.

Christmas party

Another month passed and December arrived. Becca and Freddy had been arguing but things finally seemed to have settled down. Freddy apologised over the emails and told Becca nothing had happened, and he was sorry he had acted inappropriately. He reassured Becca that Maxine had a boyfriend and he had blocked her from emailing him. Freddy had his Christmas work party and told Becca he was sorry but due to budget cuts it was only staff that year, no partners were allowed.

However, a week later Becca bumped into a work colleague of Freddy’s when shopping. She had met the colleague when Freddy’s car broke down and he needed a lift into work one day. She asked the colleague how the party was, and he said “Great thanks, I was surprised to see you didn’t go? My girlfriend was looking forward to meeting you! Freddy told us you were sick, are you better now?” Becca was shocked Freddy had lied so simply replied “Oh yes, tummy flu! Much better now thank you”

Polygraph test

Becca had decided she had no trust in Freddy anymore and enough was enough. Later that day she told Freddy what had happened and asked him to take a polygraph test. Freddy agreed, saying he was tired of the accusations and the couple booked a test for later the next week. The results showed Freddy was lying. Freddy confessed to Becca that he had shared a kiss with Maxine on their Christmas party. He didn’t want Becca to go because he wanted to meet Maxine there. Freddy had lied about Maxine having a boyfriend and said he wanted to date her, he just didn’t know how to break up with Becca.

The couple have now split, Becca has moved home and is undergoing counselling. Becca says although the truth hurt, she is grateful to Lie Detector Test UK for revealing the truth she deserved. If you suspect your partner of cheating, book your lie detector test with us online today. You can also ring our free helpline on 0800 369 8277 for advice and bookings.