Kirsty recently made her friend and husband both sit a polygraph test at our Bradford office. Susan, 42, and Ian, 48 (husband to Kirsty) were both accused of having an affair behind Kirsty’s back. Kirsty wanted to find out the truth so asked the pair to take a polygraph test.

Drama on the wedding day

Kirsty says the issues started from the day her and Ian got married. It was late on their wedding night that Kirsty recalls barging into the halfway of their venue, to find Ian and Susan sharing a close embrace. Kirsty was unsure what she had walked in on. The pair laughed and joked how they were simply “sharing a moment”. Saying the embrace had come about after both saying how lucky they were to have Kirsty in their lives.

Months went by and Kirsty says she couldn’t shake a gut feeling that something between the pair wasn’t right. Kirsty admits she would check Ian’s phone or stalk his social media to see if he had any interactions with Susan, but never found any evidence. Finally, Kirsty decided she was imagining things and to let it go.

The birthday party

Two years of married life passed by, and Kirsty turned the big 40. Ian organised Kirsty a surprise birthday party, which ended up being a massive success. Kirsty says she was surprised at all the small details Ian had thought of, and remembers praising him the next morning. It was then that Ian admitted he had asked for help and input from Susan. He told Kirsty the pair had organised the event together. A familiar feeling hit Kirsty’s stomach and suspicion started all over again.

Why a polygraph is the only option

Kirsty recently told the pair she was booking a lie detector test for them to both take. She confessed how she hasn’t had trust in them since finding them on her wedding night in a close embrace. She told them both how a lie detector test was the only way she felt both of their relationships could move forwards, and if they didn’t want to take one she would understand but she would struggle to move forwards. Both Susan and Ian agreed that they would take the tests.

Susan passed her test; she was asked questions such as “did you and Ian share a kiss on the wedding night”. Other questions comprised of had she planned to eber have a sexual relationship with Ian. However, Ian didn’t pass his test. Ian’s test showed he had planned to have an affair. Kirsty is planning on seeing a marriage counsellor with Ian and hoping that this will give her clarity on what their future holds together. For now, Susan has decided to move back in with her sister and take a break until she decides what is best for her.

If you suspect a friend or loved one of lying why not book your lie detector test with us online today. You can also see our FAQ page for further details and questions, and call our free helpline on 07572 748364.