Weston bodybuilder takes polygraph test

Polygraph tests are being used at all major sporting events. Using a polygraph test on athletes has become part of their screening process for drugs. Judges are also sitting polygraph tests to make sure they aren’t biased. A bodybuilder from Weston has shared his story of the industry. Daniel Sutcliffe has earned world champion at a competition held in Romania earlier this year.

How it feels to be a winner

Daniel described his winning moment to the Mercury. Mr Sutcliffe said: “It does sound clichĂ© but winning the World finals in Romania was a dream come true and I really doubted whether it was possible – it still doesn’t feel real.

“I have been training for around 10 years. I have a background in sports science and work as a personal trainer. However, but I didn’t start competing until 2018.

“In my first season competing, I managed to win a British final and placed third in a world final.”

The beliefs surrounding bodybuilding

During his decade of training, Daniel has been on the wrong end of many misconceptions around bodybuilding. Daniel says he supports the use of polygraph testing in the sport. He is excited to see the changes it brings in peoples judgement of the sport.

“There are still some stigmas attached to competitive bodybuilding, such as the usage of performance-enhancing drugs” Daniel explains.

“The natural bodybuilding federations I compete in use stringent drug testing. Urine analysis and polygraph tests are in place to ensure a fair competition”

Daniel explains how he took a series of polygraph tests leading up to the finals. He says the competitors are keen to take the tests to prove they aren’t on any enhancing drugs.

The future for Daniel

After securing gold in the Worlds it’s now time for the ‘off-season’. Off-season allow bodybuilders to stray from their strict diets and schedules. Weston’s bodybuilding champion usually trains for two hours five days a week.

“I am looking to compete again in 2023/2024. I hope to improve on my latest showing and aim to compete for professional status”

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