Polygraph News Roundup for August 2019

Sep 1, 2019

August had seen some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded and we’ve had some sizzling polygraph news for you to catch up on. If you’ve missed any of it take a look below. It’s been a busy month and next month promises to be even hotter off the press.

We’ve highlighted the usual suspects and invited them to complete lie detector tests. We’ve shared cases and readers’ letters as well as our opinions on Facebook and Twitter.

Sexual abuse, stealing from family, lie detector tests in the workplace

1 August – Police force ashamed that up to 373 girls have been the victims of sexual abuse in Oxfordshire, read the Express report here.

 1 August – Gloucester lie detector test for sister accused of stealing after a burglary.

2 August – What’s the benefit of using lie detector tests in the workplace and how best could they be introduced?

Infidelity, suspect anonymity, fake news

3 August – Daughter in Oxford goes one step further to reveal her father is cheating. Will her parents’ marriage be safe?

4 August – Is it time for sexual crime suspects to retain anonymity?  Our polygraph examiner in Liverpool explores the pros and cons in the aftermath of Carl Beech’s allegations.

6 August – Conspiracy theories abound on social media and nothing is helped by the regular steady flow of propaganda that attracts our attention every day. We take a look at the most recent fake news and media bias.

Rape allegations, AI at airports, disturbing case, misconceptions about the polygraph

7 August – The Sun reveals Aya Napa police threatening to arrest sexual abuse victim before making her sign a dodgy confession. We suggest all concerned take lie detector tests.

8 August – AI deception detector at airports may mistake your confusion with deception.

8 August – Professionally conducted lie detector tests include at least one hour of pre-test interview. Our Leicester Polygraph Examiner discovered something in an interview that disturbed him.

9 August –Our London Polygraph Examiner dispels misconceptions about lie detector tests. Read more here.

Jeremy Kyle, Jeffrey Epstein, teenage knife crime, dishonest carer

11 August – Will Jeremy Kyle return to our screens as early as next year? The Mail Online investigates.

11 August – Following the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein yesterday speculation is rife on social and mainstream media. We explore what this says about our society.

12 August – Teenage knife crime is growing fast in the UK, Our Sheffield polygraph examiner advises a concerned parent about this very worrying issue.

13 August – Somerset Live reports carer plundered vulnerable Down Syndrome victim’s bank account in Yeoville.

Military infidelity, Marcus Ball case, thieving carer, nursing home dishonesty

14 August – Was there more to a military professional relationship than met the eye? Our Winchester polygraph examiner finds out.

15 August – Campaigner Marcus Ball loses bid to take Brexit bus case against Boris Johnson to Supreme Court.

16 August – Evil Carer stole thousands from dementia OAP and squandered it all on designer clothes and holidays. Read this shocking story here.

16 August – Nursing Home Manager’s dilemma addressed by our Warwickshire Polygraph Examiner.

Manchester police polygraph, paedophile journalist released, scheming daughter

18 August – Greater Manchester Police Force was one of the first to pilot the polygraph for monitoring certain types of sex offenders. Now the Manchester lie detector tests are to be made a permanent addition to their investigative tools.

19 August – Disgraced Midlands Journalist Tom Humphries released from prison after serving just 22 months for grooming and sexually abusing a 14 year old girl.

20 August – Scheming daughter exposed after in Norwich lie detector test results reveal the truth.

Judge Rinder, military infidelity, modern society encouraging lies

21 August – Judge Rinder airs his views to the Huffington post on critics who stereotype the guests on the Jeremy Kyle show.

22 August – Was this military man in Tidworth doing more than just training new recruits? Read our case study here.

23 August – Is modern society preventing us from telling the truth? Are we creating a liars paradise?

Israeli drug lord, Colleen Rooney, lying husband

24 August – State Investigation Bureau to check on polygraph SBU employees who missed Israeli drug lord Silver.

25 August – Invitation to Colleen Rooney to talk to us, does she think her husband footballer Wayne Rooney should take an infidelity and alcoholism lie detector test.

26 August – Swansea husband takes lie detector test after supposed motorcycle accident.

Prince Andrew, dishonest bank employee, Love Island, Jeremy Kyle

28 August – We invite Prince Andrew, Duke of York, to take a lie detector test in Windsor following allegations of historical sexual abuse in connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

30 August – Smart banks use periodic lie detector tests on staff but the Halifax clearly doesn’t. This Mail Online report exposes a particularly dodgy member of staff.

31 August – Love Island and Jeremy Kyle in hot water in MP’s reality TV probe, follow the Mirror’s report here.

That’s our polygraph news roundup for August 2019.  As always we welcome comments and any news you’d like to submit to be included in our September issue. If you would like some advice from our polygraph examiners, keep the letters coming in.  We try to respond to them as quickly as possible.

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