Anyone reading the newspapers yesterday might believe that police requesting to take possession of a rape victim or perpetrator’s phone is something new.  As polygraph examiners in Cardiff and nationwide we can confirm that it is a practice that has been processed for some time.  Perhaps the perceived threat that a prosecution may not ensue if those involved don’t hand over their phones is something worthy of debate.

UK Recorded Rape Statistics

Working with victims of rape and those who have been falsely accused of it, our polygraph examiners in Cardiff (and elsewhere in the UK) are acutely aware of an annual rise in requests for private lie detector tests.  It comes as no surprise to us that recorded rape offences have increased year on year from 2009 to 2018.  There were almost 54,000 cases in England and Wales last year.

False allegations of rape

Around 3-4 percent of cases reported are false.  This may not seem a great deal but it is for those who have been falsely accused.  It can wreck their lives permanently.  The fear of we see in men who have had rape charges filed against them, but are innocent, is palpable.

False allegations of rape can wreck relationships, destroy families, end careers and often result in deep depression. The negative impact on the falsely accused is as longstanding as that of a rape victim.  The damage is life changing.

An innocent person has no problem whatsoever in handing their phone over to the police.  They will, as can be expected, do anything to clear their name.  Frequently our polygraph examiners in Cardiff meet people who have no one else to talk to about one of the worst nightmares anyone can experience. The polygraph examiner is unbiased and will not judge them, allowing them to release tension that has developed since the false allegations were made.

Rape victims who are not believed

On the other end of the scale, we conduct lie detector tests for victims of rape who fear they will not be believed.  They may need the test results for a number of different reasons including:

  • To prove to their partner, or family members that they were indeed raped rather than having a clandestine sexual encounter
  • To prove to themselves that they didn’t imagine it
  • To take to the police as an incentive to progress further investigation

Again, rape victims won’t object generally to having their phones examined if it helps justice to be served.

Polygraph examiners in Cardiff

Rape is a detestable crime causing anger, hatred, fear and despair.  Our polygraph examiners in Cardiff are specially trained to handle sensitive issues such as these.  Whether you are a victim or someone who has been falsely accused you can be assured of our empathy and impartiality.  What happens in the secure, controlled environment where the lie detector test takes place stays within those 4 walls.  We will never share your data or test results with anyone else but you unless you instruct us otherwise.

On balance we believe that allowing the police to examine your mobile phone is beneficial to their investigation.  So many prosecution cases have failed as a result of information that wasn’t disclosed. In our view, anything that helps put a rapist behind bars or proves the innocence of the falsely accused has to be a step in the right direction.

For more information about lie detector tests in the UK contact us via our free helpline or by using the contact form on our website.  If you are ready to book a test, please use our online reservation system which is totally secure.