Polygraph Examiner in Solihull advises on Brother-in-Law Infidelity

This query came in from a woman worried about the effect her brother in law’s infidelity will have on his marriage. Our Polygraph Examiner is Solihull responded to it.

Q: Could a lie detector test help my brother in law’s marriage?

My husband and his brother work away quite a lot. They are both painters and decorators and help each other out on larger contracts.

My problem is that my husband keeps telling me about my brother in law’s antics whilst they are away.  I was enraged when I saw a video that had been sent to my husband by him on WhatsApp which left nothing to the imagination.  At first I thought my husband had been looking at pornography until I realised it was my brother in law in the video.

My sister-in-law and I are not close, but I feel so sorry for her.  She has three young children and from what I have seen, she’s a good wife and mother. It’s not just that her husband is cheating on her that bothers me. I’m worried that he will lead my husband astray especially since he appears to be bragging about his exploits.

I really want some advice. Should I tell my sister-in-law or keep quiet? I know that if I do tell her, it may cause problems and often it is the messenger who is shot. It’s pretty likely that my brother-in-law will deny it and my husband won’t go against his brother. He’s already deleted the vile video.

If I tell her and he denies it would a lie detector test help in any way?

W. L., Solihull

Response from Solihull Polygraph Examiner

As you say, if you tell your sister-in-law, she may “shoot the messenger”. It’s often the case when people intervene in the relationships of others, albeit with the best intentions. There is also the possibility that she already knows and chooses to turn a blind eye.

You need to consider whether you feel the need to tell her for all the right reasons.  Are you more worried about your brother-in-law´s marriage or that he will lead your husband astray? Do you suspect your husband of infidelity? If you do, perhaps you should book a lie detector test in Solihull for him.

Only you can decide whether to tell your sister-in-law or not. If you do, you could suggest that she books a test for her husband to determine the extent of his infidelity. This assumes that she wants to know the truth because some women don´t.

It´s a really difficult situation for you to be in, made worse because you are not close. However,  if your brother in law is as promiscuous as you believe his wife’s sexual health is at risk.

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