Q. Can your polygraph examiner in Richmond help with my sister’s alcohol problem?

My sister, Ursula, is worrying me.  She’s been drinking heavily and it appears to be all the time. She recently split with her husband of 5 years due to his infidelity and has gone completely off the rails. She goes out with her friends and half the time can’t remember getting home. Every time I see her she has a glass of wine in her hand and there are a lot of empty bottles in the bin store. I hoped they weren’t hers but they are all the same brand of wine she drinks and they’re always there when I visit. It’s like I’ve told her I’m coming round and she’s had a clear out.

I went over to her flat one day without warning and she was very drunk, there were bottles all over the place. I spoke to her about it and she became very defensive. Ursula said she didn’t have a problem and was just enjoying herself. She claims the wine helps her relax after work but it seems to be going too far now.

I let it slide for a while but she’s started missing work and is even drunk in the morning at the weekends. She makes glib comments about it always being noon somewhere in the world but I just don’t know how to make her face up to her problem and get help. She’s struggling since the split and I don’t want her ruining her life.

R.C., Richmond

Response from Polygraph Examiner in Richmond

You haven’t said how long this drinking pattern has been going on. If your sister only recently split from her husband, she probably hasn’t had time to become an alcoholic yet.  However, from what you describe, if she continues to drink at this pace she may well become addicted.

Get her to watch the video below:

Her ‘glib comments’ suggest that she doesn’t believe she has a problem, or certainly not one that she wants to admit to. Half the battle with an alcoholic is to get them to acknowledge they are dependent.

Despite her saying that she is just enjoying herself, she may have been affected very badly by her husband’s infidelity.  Very few people relish waking up every morning with the hangover from hell.

How lie detector tests help alcoholics

As a polygraph examiner in Richmond I have helped a considerable number of alcoholics come to terms with their illness, as have many of my colleagues nationwide. When they are ready to acknowledge their alcohol dependence, alcoholics will often prefer to speak to a stranger who they may never see again.  A polygraph examiner is completely unbiased.  Unlike family members who may be upset, angry or worried about the problem, polygraph examiners will not judge or put pressure on them.

The lie detector test will reveal if they are lying about how much they are drinking. It will also define whether they have a problem or not.  The results of the test often lead them to seek treatment.


You might want to start by asking your sister how she really feels about life without her husband.  How angry or upset is she that he had an affair?  Does she want to reconcile with her husband and is that possible?

You could also mention that the amount she appears to be drinking will damage her health in the long term.  And also in the short term if she drinks so much in one session that it poisons her. If she is drinking to forget her problems, they will still be there every morning when she wakes up.

If you see the situation deteriorating and want to book a lie detector test for her, call us on our free helpline  – 07572 748364. Mention that you have had a question answered by the polygraph examiner in Richmond.  I will advise you how to best convince your sister to take a lie detector test.

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