Polygraph Examiner in Ipswich explores abuse in the Care Industry

Jun 1, 2019

Over recent years there has been much debate on funding of social care in the UK. It’s an issue that the government appears to be doing little about.  However, funding is not the only issue that needs attention.  Amid calls to regulate home care workers our polygraph examiner in Ipswich has researched UK wide scandals that appear to hit the headlines almost every day.

Much of our work in East Anglia involves conducting lie detector tests as part of the pre-employment screening process.  We do this for private individuals, residential / nursing homes, a wide variety of commercial enterprises and for recruitment agencies.  By including these in the process a potential employer gains a much greater insight into the candidate’s character.  Polygraph results, a CV, qualifications, experience and a background check build the whole picture of the person you are considering employing.

Like all our examiners, our polygraph examiner in Ipswich is a forensic psychologist.  Working closely with law enforcement agencies, prisons, recruiters, solicitors and intelligence it is our job to identify truth and deception.

Here are a few of the many cases reported on a daily basis that involve carers victimising the most vulnerable:

Greater Manchester, Greenock, Lincolnshire

Michael Ayrton received a 12 month suspended prison sentence this week following a successful prosecution of having sex with a vulnerable, mentally ill woman. He was her support worker and although the sex was consensual it was deemed that he had taken advantage of her.

David Bates, a care assistant employed at Merino Court Nursing Home, Greenock has been struck off by the Scottish Social Services Council in Dundee.  Over a period spanning years he was found to have violently attacked, demeaned and neglected residents.  Full details on this case can be read by clicking here

St John’s Nursing Home, Boston in Lincolnshire has been removed from the list of registered providers following a damning report by the Care Quality Commission.  Residents were found to be sleeping in soiled beds and were malnourished.  There were innumerable violations of good practice. The full story emerged in an article published by Lincolnshire Live

Coleraine, Aberdeen, Bristol

The RQIA (Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority), issued 2 failures to comply notices, following an impromptu visit to Ratheane Private Nursing Home, Coleraine. Care record keeping, wound and post fall management were the main areas of concern.

A care home nurse, Sharon Gillan, appeared in court charged with stealing banks cards from two residents at Havencourt Nursing Home, Stonehaven.  Sentencing is adjourned pending reports.

A whistle-blower drew attention to standards of cleanliness at a respite care facility in Bristol. Care Quality Commission inspectors found risks of contamination and infection were high

Conclusion of our polygraph examiner in Ipswich

The above cases are the tip of an iceberg in terms of those reported daily.  While there are many professional and excellent nurses and carers, many of the above cases could have been avoided.  By Local Authority procurers of care services including polygraph services in screening reputable providers can be employed.  In terms of carers and nurses, lie detector tests in the pre-employment screening process will ensure only the most ethical and best candidates get jobs.

We invite all procurers and providers of healthcare services to engage with our polygraph examiner in Ipswich to discuss how the polygraph can prevent abuse and neglect of the most vulnerable in society.

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