Advice from Polygraph Examiner in Grantham related to Flatshare Theft

Pinning down who the culprit is when theft occurs in a flatshare can be awkward as our Polygraph Examiner in Grantham explains.

Q: Could a lie detector test help identify who is stealing things from my flat?

I have three flatmates living with me and I’m wondering if a lie detector test could help a situation I’m in. We are all at university and share pretty much everything, apart from food. It’s easier to split the utilities, rent and internet 3 ways and we never take into account if anyone is or isn’t there.

The food thing is probably the most irritating but now it’s come to money. We each have a cupboard to put our food into and pretty much there’s always something that goes missing out of mine. I ask them if they have ‘borrowed’ it and they all deny it. But it has to be one of them, as they’re the only ones who have access.

I normally pay the bills by direct debit from my account and the lads give me the money back. I keep some of the cash for my day to day living expenses.  I don’t have much as I’m a student. The other day I went to my usual hiding spot and there was £70 missing. When I confronted them about it they all said they hadn’t taken it. I don’t have a lock on my door and therefore they suggested someone else may have a key, which seems unlikely. The food is one thing, but money I have a problem with.

My parents have offered to pay for lie detector tests but do you think they would help me?

M W., Norwich

Response from Polygraph Examiner in Grantham

It’s always awkward when this happens.  If you accuse one of your flatmates and you are wrong, the likelihood is that the others will fall out with you. The atmosphere in the flat could become intolerable for you.

Do you have any suspicion as to which one of them is responsible? Or do you think they are all playing a part in the theft?

Certainly lie detector tests can help identify the thief or whether they know who the thief is. But getting them to agree to take the tests might be difficult.  One thing you could say to persuade them is that you would like to eliminate them from inquiries before reporting the matter to the police.

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