How Polygraph Examinations help reduce Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Sep 15, 2022 | Commercial Lie Detector Test

Reducing fraud in the UK Insurance Industry is an ongoing battle and unfortunately is escalating. This is why polygraph examinations are becoming more popular when dealing with fraudulent insurance claims.

Research conducted by the IFB (Insurance Fraud Bureau) suggests that 2,400 fraudulent claims are submitted to insurance providers with a value of £25 million each week.

There is no category of insurance that doesn’t attract dishonest claims but some feature much higher than others. Car insurance is the most prevalent with highest value but personal injury and property fraud are not far behind.

How do lie detector tests help?

The mere mention of a lie detector test on an insurance policy is a deterrent but hardened fraudsters believe they won’t get caught.  There is also no point in threatening something unless you are prepared to carry it out.

Losses made will always impact negatively on honest policyholders who see their insurance premiums rising year on year.  This leads to loss of customers as they compare premiums with other providers.

When a claim is made that either looks unbelievable or an assessor deems fraudulent, the claimant should be invited to take a lie detector test.

A polygraph examination can resolve disputes quickly and effectively.  The tests are affordable and infinitely lower in cost of a protracted legal battle,

Can an insurance provider insist a polygraph examination takes place?

Nobody can be forced to submit to a lie detector test but if a claimant refuses, the claim needs to be investigated more thoroughly.  When claimants know there will be a deeper investigation they may either agree to sit the test, confess or withdraw fraudulent insurance claims.

Insurance claims handlers

In recent years employees of insurance providers have come under scrutiny when handling fraudulent insurance claims. Automated systems have in some part reduced this but even the best system needs human input.  Polygraph examinations included in the pre-employment screening process can alleviate this possibility further. Affordable and effective, lie detector tests help providers get the best people to work for them. Employees who are genuinely committed to protecting the company’s interests.

Lie Detector Test UK Polygraph Examiners

The credentials of the Polygraph Examiners you engage must be impeccable. All the Polygraph Examiners at Lie Detector Test UK are fully accredited by the APA (American Polygraph Association) as well as other recognised bodies.

If you are an insurance provider contact us. Our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to discuss your particular requirements. You can be assured of our confidentiality and discretion at all times.

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