Plymouth Lie Detector Test

Sep 18, 2019

Plymouth Lie Detector Test exposes Cheating Sailor

Our client ordered a Plymouth lie detector test for someone she knew was innocent, to expose the real liar. It resulted in a life changing confession.

Julie’s Case

Neil and Julie had bought a little holiday home in France.  They’d cashed in Julie’s pensions early and although the property didn’t need much doing to it, the cost of the house and the renovations had pretty much wiped out any additional savings they had. They lived just outside Plymouth and although it was relatively peaceful, they had stressful jobs and their marriage had been through the wringer in the last few years.  Neil was in the Navy had an affair a few years ago but as a family, they’d decided to work through it. They owed it to their 20 years of marriage to try, at least.

Once a cheat always a cheat

Julie had a really tough time while the affair had been going on.  She suspected he was playing away. They argued most days he was at home and if it hadn’t been for the Plymouth lie detector test she’d have known the truth. Her mother had suggested it and booked the test on her behalf.  Neil had failed miserably. At first, she’d laughed at the prospect of him taking the test but it had proved something she had no way of finding out. The affair had been whilst he was out of the country and none of his crew would have told her the truth. It had only been a couple of times and he was only away on that trip for a month. So she’d decided to forgive him and try to move on.

A fresh start

The house they’d bought was supposed to be a fresh start, somewhere they could eventually retire to. They’d chosen France for the romance. Long weekends and holidays might rekindle whatever they’d lost previously. They had a son, Greg, who they’d given a key to, in case he wanted to take his fiancé over there on the odd weekend. He’d been overjoyed at the chance of a free holiday. He lived much closer to the port than they did and he could just hop on a ferry anytime he liked. It was perfect for everyone.

Julie visited the property on a few occasions by herself and something always bothered her. There were ladies things left lying around the bedroom and the kitchen almost looked lived in. She dismissed it as Greg leaving a mess behind but the second time she asked Neil. He said it must have been Greg, as he was stationed away as usual, and he’d have a word with him for her. Julie wasn’t happy with this and called Greg herself. He explained he hadn’t been to the property in over two months and neither had his fiancé. Julie had that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach again and called us for another Plymouth lie detector test.

Julie told Neil that Greg hadn’t been to the property for at least a couple of months.  Neil said he must be lying or at the very least mistaken.

Plymouth lie detector test

Greg happily took the Plymouth lie detector test for his mother. She explained to him that if she had proof he was telling the truth then it logically followed that his father was a liar. The results proved Greg was telling the truth.  When Neil returned on leave she showed him Greg’s polygraph report.  Greg, Julie and Neil were the only people to have keys to the house.

Neil had to come clean and he confessed that he was still having an affair with the woman he was seeing before.  The affair had never ended, he’d just been more careful.  There was no coming back from this for Julie or her family.

Julie said she wanted a divorce and worked out what she considered to be a reasonable settlement.  If Neil didn’t agree to it then she would inform his superiors of his indiscretions. She ended up with the family home in Plymouth and half the proceeds of sale from the house in France.

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