Case Study | Wife takes Peterborough Lie Detector Test to prove Husband Wrong

Our client was bombarded with false allegations of infidelity by her husband when she went back to work.  She booked a Peterborough lie detector test to prove him wrong.

Kerry’s Case

Stuart, Kerry’s husband, always described her as a wonderful mother to their two young boys. She looked after the family and home perfectly. When the boys went to school full time, Kerry said she wanted to go back to work.

They aren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination but comfortable financially. Stuart is quite old fashioned and believes that the man of the house should go to work and the wife should stay home and care for the family. But when Kerry said she was getting bored at home he understood.

However, he said she shouldn’t have to work on top of everything else she does, which is more than anyone could believe. He thinks a stay at home mother has a harder job than anyone and felt she shouldn’t add any more stress to her life. If she had free time, she deserved to get her nails done or do something else that makes her happy.  But Kerry explained that going back to work would make her happy and so Stuart agreed.

Behavioural changes

Kerry got a job at a local doctor’s surgery as a receptionist. It doesn’t pay well but she is happy that it gets her out of the house. The problem is that Stuart thought her attitude had changed and accused her of having an affair.

He said it wouldn’t be difficult for her as she is a beautiful woman. Stuart always felt he was punching well above his weight and was stunned when she agreed to go out with him. His mates constantly made jokes about them being beauty and beast which made Stuart feel insecure. As soon as an opportunity arose, he but a ring on her finger.  Kerry always reassured him that he was the only man for her and that made him feel better.

False allegations of infidelity

Naturally Kerry had to look her best and made more effort than usual when she started working. Stuart asked her why she needed to look so good; after all it was only a small local surgery.

While at work Kerry’s phone has to be switched off.  Quite apart from not wanting to take personal calls on the surgery’s time, there isn’t any time to do so.  This provoked more insinuation from Stuart that all was not well, since he couldn’t get her on the phone.

On Friday the staff go out for a drink after evening surgery.  It’s only for a couple of hours and gives them an opportunity to interact socially with each other. Stuart didn’t like this at all.

On one such evening when she got home, Stuart had been looking through her things. He had gone through her credit card statement and seen a purchase at Victoria’s Secret for underwear.  Kerry explained that she had bought some underwear as a gift for her sister’s birthday. He didn’t believe her and insisted she admit she was having an affair.

Peterborough lie detector test

At the time Kerry contacted us she hadn’t spoken to Stuart since the accusations over the underwear.  She told us that she almost felt like having an affair since she was getting into the same amount of trouble without the excitement of having one. Appalled that her husband had so little trust in her, she said his paranoia was ruining their marriage.

She booked, paid for and sat a polygraph examination for infidelity.  Her instructions were to email the lie detector test results to her husband, which we did.

Stuart is now seeing a psychologist about his insecurity issues. He has apologised profusely to his wife who has never had any form of sexual contact with anyone else since they have been together.

East Anglia Polygraph Service

Kerry took a Peterborough lie detector test, as the location was most convenient for her.  However, we have polygraph examiners throughout East Anglia conducting lie detector tests for a wide variety of matters.  Whenever the truth needs to be found, you can rely on us.

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