Partner Sex Offender Test Case Study

Sep 4, 2022 | Case Study, Private Lie Detector Test, Sex Abuse

The Partner Sex Offender Test has become the first step before co-habitation for many couples, especially those with children. Read on to find out how lie detector tests have made their way on to the to-do list for modern couples.

Online dating

After the nineteenth email, Sarah finally plucked up the courage to get her hails and nails done and accept Andy’s seventeenth request for a date. It had all happened a bit too fast for Sarah. She had only gone online to look at dating websites, to surf the profiles – see what was on offer these days. With twelve years off the market, she wasn’t quite sure about the whole online dating thing but, with a glass of wine in hand, she was quite enjoying it.

Until ……..

The green symbol started flashing in the corner of her profile, then there was a star too.

She hadn’t actually meant to meet anyone, so she shut the site down and stuck to Netflix for the rest of the evening. Andy had been super patient and sent her two emails, which she picked up on her phone the next day. He was persistent- she had to give him that.

And that was how it all started.

Living together

Eight months after that first email, they were looking at properties and talking to estate agents. They had decided to move in together. What was there to lose? They were both fully grown -they knew what they wanted. Everything just fell into place. There was one concern though – Emma’s daughter.

At two and a half years old she was so vulnerable. Emma could not shake a recurring worry about her daughter’s welfare.

By moving in together, Andy was going to be around her daughter. As wonderful a guy as Andy was, only one look at the news told you that good guys go wrong- especially it seemed, when they came from an internet dating site.

The worst thing, was that she hadn’t decided whether to leave the box for children unticked on her dating profile, so she had left it ticked, planning to return to it later.

She knew that she was going to have to trust Andy but what if he had targeted her online because of that tick- because she had a baby, a girl? How would she know if he did something to her baby? At two and a half she was too young to say if she was being harmed?

Maybe she could just organise things so that Andy was never alone with her daughter? Maybe they shouldn’t move in together until her daughter was at least ten- but then again that would be even more risky. Maybe, maybe, maybe- it was driving her crazy. Andy was starting to pick up on her jitters too.

Partner sex offender test

When Emma came across Lie Detector Test UK she was so happy – especially when she saw that they have specially trained examiners for a Partner Sex Offender test. She booked Andy’s test immediately.

Andy, though, was not happy ……..

In fact they had an enormous blow-out argument – their first. Andy was furious. Emma did not back down, even when Andy called the next day. Once they talked it through, Andy admitted that he had to admire Emma’s desire to ensure her child was protected. He wasn’t happy about it but Emma felt a huge burden lift when he agreed. Andy took the test two days later and passed with flying colours.

Married with a child of their own now, Emma always advises her single-mum friends to take their boyfriends for a Partner Sex Offender test before they are allowed anywhere near their children. You can never be too careful when it comes to your kids.

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