Why Partner Sex Offender Lie Detector Tests are growing in Popularity

Sep 25, 2022 | Relationship

When Sarah’s Law was introduced in 2011, parents across England and Wales breathed a sigh of relief. However, many years later the NSPCC states that “very few police forces are making full use of Sarah’s Law”.  Additionally, there are grey areas which the law doesn’t cover.  With online dating on the rise, it is no surprise that many people are choosing to use partner sex offender lie detector tests.

The internet means that we are more aware than we were in the past. We know more about the things that happen in the world, and in more detail. It makes us more informed, but probably much more wary too. Thus the partner sex offender lie detector test is a modern necessity for many of us.

Under Sarah’s Law parents, guardians and carers can apply to their local police force to check whether there are records of child sexual offences for anyone who has contact with their child.

However, as with any new law, there are grey areas that are still left uncovered such as the mismatch for those who have committed offences but have never been convicted for the offence.

A discreet alternative

Lie detector tests provide a discreet option. Something that doesn’t involve contacting the police but is still carried out by a trained, expert in partner sex offender tests. It’s an opportunity to put your mind at ease and to build trust.

Today, a huge number of relationships start online. Indeed according to MIT Technology Review “more than one-third of marriages start online”.

The rise in online dating marks a significant change in the way that we interact, and the partner sex offender test is a result of that. The internet means that we get intimate with people that we have only known for a short time. Trust and knowledge of a partner in a modern relationship needs to be established quicker than in the past.

Introducing a new partner to your children

Additionally, many more children are growing up in homes where their parents are no longer together. The moment you introduce a new partner to your children is a momentous step for anyone. It is a marker that you have reached a particular level of trust. For many contemporary parents, partner sex offender lie detector tests serve as a sensible, precautionary measure considering moving a relationship on to a level that involves your children.

With the ability to formulate your own questions, it’s a good opportunity to get down to the nitty gritty and make sure you know this person as well as you think you do. It’s a chance to ask some tough questions before you introduce them to your children or take your relationship to the next level.

The questions for your specialist lie detector test will be largely chosen by you. It’s a unique opportunity to have an expert ask some really crucial questions for you, in a controlled environment, without you present.

The results are sent directly to you, allowing you to take your time carefully studying what your partner said. Whatever the outcome, you will be relieved that you know the truth.

More information about Partner Sex Offender Lie Detector Tests

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