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Sometimes the truth can be hard to hear. But don’t they say that the truth will set you free? We believe that the harshest truth is still better than a lie. If you want to get the answers you need to hear, then book a test now.

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Maybe you are worried about your partner’s behaviour, are they cheating or is there something else going on? Perhaps funds are going missing from your busines. Who is responsible? A lie detector test will make sure that you’re getting the honest truth.

Let us help you take control of the situation you’re facing. Whether it’s a private or business matter, we’re here to help. You can come to us or we can come to you. If the truth is important to you, which we’re confident it is, then you will definitely benefit from using one of our services.


    To make a booking you can either use our website or call our head office directly.  We provide polygraph testing all over the UK. In order to confirm your order, it is required to pay a deposit of £300. Once the deposit has been paid, on the same or next day you shall be contacted by our examiner who is responsible for the chosen location.

    All we care about is accuracy, not how fast we can do your examination, however we strive to offer appointments as soon as the following day from when the order being placed. In a vast majority of cases we are able to arrange a test within a 1 – 3 days of the order being placed. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we will be able to conduct your examination.


    The deposit confirms the customer’s intention to proceed with the booking and is used to cover costs we will have incurred, such as travel and venue expenses. The deposit is paid at the moment of booking and then subtracted from the total to be paid on the day of the test. In most cases, deposits are non-refundable.

  • Locations Across the UK

    Our service is extremely flexible. We can come to you in any location across the UK and you can have a resolution within hours.

    We conduct tests all over the UK. We have offices in London, or we can arrange for a suitable venue to be made available near to where you live. Wherever you are – London, Liverpool, Leicester, Manchester, Bradford, Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield or any other town or city – our examiners will help you find the truth.

    We are an international company that is a world leader in providing polygraph tests. Our UK service is available across the whole country. Our examiners can meet you at a predetermined venue and will be ready to start testing within half an hour of arrival.

    For ethical and accuracy reasons we cannot come to private dwellings, but our price can include the use of a rented office or other location to carry out the testing.

  • How much does the test cost and does it vary according to the number of questions asked?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. The price of a polygraph test is not dependent on the amount of questions you want the subject to be asked, and here’s why. A lie detector test will become ineffective if too many questions, or too many different questions, are asked. When you see a tv show in which the examiner asks question after question after question, you should know that the show is for entertainment purposes – the results will not be accurate.

    Let me explain this further; a polygraph test should only ever be used to gain the truth about one issue. Only one. Each question should be regarding the specific issue. This way, if the subject answers dishonestly on any of the questions he will fail the entire test because all the questions are related to that one, single issue.

    Each session can take anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours to complete – see our pricing page for more information on costs, but to answer the initial question ‘No, the price does not vary according to the number of questions asked’, because we will only ask the amount of questions needed to ensure an accurate result.

  • Can we test you?

    Certain medical conditions may preclude an examinee from taking a lie detector test, while some examinees may require their doctor’s consent before we can proceed.

    Please enter any such medical information into the ‘Other Information’ box on the online booking form or call 0203 129 6800 and we will determine whether the examinee is eligible to be tested. Please note that we will ask the examinee to fill an indemnity form before the test is carried out.

    We are unable to offer any refunds should the examinee be unable to attend the test, or if any of the information given at the time of booking be proven to be wrong.


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What you can expect from your initial phone consultation

  • An experienced customer service representative who will answer any questions you may have.
  • Talk us through your situation and we can advise on what type of polygraph service will be best.
  • We will explain how the polygraph test works and what the benefits and limitations are.