Online Dating Profile Suspicions resolved by Cirencester Lie Detector Test

Oct 1, 2021

Online Dating Profile Suspicions resolved by Cirencester Lie Detector Test

When our client learned that her partner had a profile on a dating site, she ultimately had to order a Cirencester lie detector test to establish the truth.

Jeanette’s Case

Jeanette thought her relationship with Craig was relatively solid. In comparison to most of her friends, who all seemed to have problems in one form or another, she didn’t have any complaints. However, when her best friend Milly told her that Craig had a profile on an online dating site, she didn’t believe it until Milly showed it to her. Milly had split up with her partner some months ago and was trying online dating for the first time. Craig had come up as a possible match.

When Craig got home from work, Jeanette asked him why he had a profile on a dating site. He said he didn’t and continued to deny it when she showed it to him. He said someone must have stolen his picture from Facebook or Instagram.

More profiles

While she accepted Craig’s explanation as a possibility, Jeanette couldn’t stop thinking about it. “Why would anyone steal his picture and create an account with a dating site?” she asked Milly.

Not wishing to be the bearer of more bad news, Milly still felt obliged to tell her friend that it wasn’t just one dating profile.  There were several on different sites. She suggested setting up a fake profile and trying to arrange a date. So that’s what they did.

It didn’t take Craig long to respond to the message they sent him. He was up for a date and Jeanette suggested the following Saturday, knowing that they were going to a friend’s wedding that day.  Craig predictably said he couldn’t make it that day, but what about the Sunday? They arranged to meet at a pub some distance away from where Jeanette lived. On the day, Craig said he was going to meet some of the lads for a beer.

Jeanette left 10 minutes after him. However, when she arrived at the pub there was no sign of Craig or anyone else that appeared to be looking for a date. After waiting an hour, she left and went home. Milly thought that perhaps he had got “cold feet”.

Cirencester lie detector test

Jeanette was particularly good at deceit, so when Craig got home she decided to tell him that she knew there were several dating profiles and he had better explain what was going on.

He told her that maybe these accounts were from before he had met her.  He thought he had closed them down but obviously missed some. That was entirely different from the story he had previously told, about someone stealing his photo.

Not prepared to continue living with someone she didn’t trust; Jeanette booked a lie detector test in Cirencester for him. She told him he could either take it or leave.

Our Gloucester Polygraph Examiner administered the test and the results showed no deception in the answers he gave related to questions about his online dating activities. He hadn’t been active on any of the accounts since meeting Jeanette.


Naturally, Jeanette was over the moon knowing that Craig wasn’t cheating on her. But Craig was incredibly angry when she told him about the fake account she had set up with Milly.  Clearly someone had stolen his picture for that account so she could have been meeting anyone. What if he had turned up?

Craig shut down all of his old accounts but couldn’t shut down the one that Jeanette and Milly had sent the message to. He contacted the site and found out that the site owners were in the process of deleting the profile because they’d had so many complaints about it. They believed that the account was part of a Ghanian scamming ring and the police were looking into it.

Gloucester Polygraph Services

Jeanette chose a Cirencester lie detector test because it was the nearest location to their home. However, we have polygraph examiners working throughout Gloucestershire and nationwide. The results from lie detector tests don’t always confirm your suspicions and often can be pleasantly surprising.

If you can relate to Jeanette’s case or have any other problem that is causing you to doubt your partner call our confidential, free helpline on 0800 368 8277. Alternatively, book a test online using our secure booking system.

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