Getting ready for Office Party Infidelity Polygraph Tests at Christmas

Nov 5, 2022 | Private Lie Detector Test, Relationship

Every year office party infidelity becomes an issue for many people, especially over Christmas. If you are participating in your partner’s festive work celebrations you would be wise to watch them closely.

A recent survey conducted by the Ashley Madison dating site for married people has revealed that most of us meet our “bit on the side” at the annual work festivities. This is backed up because the orders for lie detector tests escalate during and shortly after this period.

Affairs and fantasies

Of almost 23,500 people surveyed 46 percent of men confessed to having a fling with a colleague, as did 37 percent of women.  And of those who admitted to extra marital affairs with colleagues, 72 percent of women stated that the first instance of infidelity occurred at the ‘works do’. This also applied to 59 percent of men who had confessed to affairs.

Noel Biderman from Ashley Madison says the informal atmosphere at such parties, fuelled with alcohol causes infidelity to happen, as well as sexual tension between two co-workers.

Whilst most of us wouldn’t ever think about acting out a fantasy of having a clandestine meeting with a colleague, many have certainly considered it.

Over 80 percent of both women and men have fantasised about having a fling with the colleague working most close to them in the office. And more than 90 percent admit to having sexual fantasies about colleagues working elsewhere in the workplace.

The danger of workplace affairs

Whether it is a quick fumble at an office party or a full blow affair, it’s likely to end in tears.

One mistake made as a result of too much alcohol will be embarrassing when you return to work after the holiday. Office gossip will ensue and you’ll be anxious for a variety of reasons.  If you don’t want to repeat the experience, you’ll have to tell the person concerned. You may have problems if your colleague wants a repeat performance.  In addition, you’ll be worried that your partner will find out.  Your performance at work may be affected due to the stress.

Office party infidelity leading to longer term affairs may get you into trouble with the company you work for. It may be against their policy for colleagues to indulge in this type of activity, more especially if you are married.

What happens if the colleague you are in a relationship with gets promoted and you become a subordinate?  If you have tiff and your work is being reviewed by your lover, you open yourself up to blackmail. The evaluation may be dependent on your personal behaviour toward your boss.  It’s not rocket science to work out where this can lead.

Co-workers may become hostile toward you when they know you’re having an affair with the boss. After all you didn’t get that promotion on merit did you? Whereas you may have had a great relationship before, now your colleagues are guarded in what they say to you.  Maybe you’ll repeat what they say to your lover and it might impact negatively on them.

What if the relationship ends acrimoniously? Will you be harassed by your lover?  The chances are one of you will have to leave and invariably it will be the subordinate.

Office Party Infidelity Polygraph Tests

Out of the workplace, your partner may suspect you’ve had some form of sexual contact with a colleague.  Or if you socialise with co-workers regularly there will always be the suspicion one of them will let your secret out of the bag.

So before you go to your annual works Christmas do this year, think about where workplace affairs lead.  Often they lead to innocent partners calling us to order office party infidelity polygraph tests.  Be assured the truth will come out.

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