Q. Can your Nuneaton Polygraph Examiner find out if my Mum is lying to me about my Dad?

I’ve been searching for answers about my Dad for a number of years. I need to explain why I’m confused and hope I can put it in the right way. My Mum says my Dad left her when she told him about being pregnant with me. She said he was a low life and didn’t want to be burdened with a child so young. The thing is my grandmother has a different story and I found letters addressed to me hidden upstairs in the attic.

The letters were unopened but addressed to me, so I took them to my grandmother. She said my Dad had been a decent person and wanted to marry Mum when he heard she was pregnant but couldn’t keep up with her wild lifestyle. Even when she found out she was pregnant with me, she still carried on drinking and going out. My Dad couldn’t watch her do this to herself and me, so he left. He felt he didn’t have a choice.

Grandma said he’d written every birthday and Christmas and she urged me to open the letters. When I did I found it was true and he’d sent me money for the last 17 years, twice a year without fail. The money was all still there. I immediately asked my Mum about it and she said she was protecting me from a violent upbringing. I just want to know the truth and now have money to pay for a lie detector test if you think it would help me get the truth.

E.J., Nuneaton

Response from our Nuneaton Polygraph Examiner

How sad for you to be in this situation. On the one hand you have the letters from your father and on the other, your mother telling you something completely contrary.

A lie detector test can certainly clear up the mystery for you.  Please call our free helpline on 07572 748364 and tell our customer care staff that you’ve had a question answered by the Nuneaton Polygraph Examiner.  We can then discuss the questions to ask your mother in order to verify what she has told you and whether it is the truth.

You may find that she is reluctant to take the test but we can offer advice as to how to persuade her.

Alternatively, if you want to book a test online via our secure reservation system, we can formulate the questions based on the information you provide. The lie detector test takes approximately 2 hours and will include a pre-test interview.  Your mother will be relaxed at the end of this interview and will then have the polygraph examination.

You will receive the report within 24/48 hours depending on the complexity of the questions you want answers to.