Nuneaton Lie Detector Test proves a Brother’s Innocence

In trying to protect his brother our client was falsely accused of propositioning his brother’s girlfriend.  He took our Nuneaton lie detector test to prove his innocence.

Kieran was out with the lads one night and saw his brother’s girlfriend getting into a car with another man. Shaun was head over heels in love with Hannah and it didn’t matter how much the family disliked her, he knew she loved him and that was all that mattered. In fairness, Kieran was probably the only one in the family who still spoke to Hannah. Kieran had never particularly liked her but he had his brother’s back and was there to support him no matter what his decisions.

Brotherly love

Hannah was very touchy feely with the mystery man and as they hopped in the back of the taxi. Kieran saw them start kissing on the back seat. At that moment, Hannah turned round and spotted Kieran and even though Kieran had already seen it with his own eyes, Hannah ducked down trying to hide from view. Kieran wasn’t due to see Shaun until Sunday for lunch round at his parents but he made a point of going to Shaun’s the next morning.  He really didn’t want to tell Shaun what he’d seen but he loved his brother and didn’t want him hurt.  He was surprised when Hannah opened the door.

The accused

From nowhere, Shaun bolted towards him landing a punch straight on Kieran’s jaw knocking him to the ground. Standing over his brother, he shouted that he couldn’t believe his own brother would try it on with his girlfriend. Suddenly things became clear. Hannah had gone round to Shaun’s early to catch him before he’d had chance to speak to his brother. She’d told Shaun he’d tried to kiss her and get into a cab with her, inviting her back to his. Hannah had lied to cover her own tracks and Shaun was so blinded by her, he couldn’t see through it.

Sunday lunch

Shaun didn’t turn up to his parents’ house that Sunday. He’d told them what Kieran had “apparently” done and said he didn’t want to see or speak to him again. His parents didn’t believe a word of it and had backed Kieran. Shaun had now boycotted the whole family saying they were just trying to split him and Hannah up.  Over lunch, they discussed how they could get Shaun to see the truth about his girlfriend. A few more glasses of wine later and Kieran’s mum suggested a Nuneaton lie detector test she’d seen advertised. They laughed at the time but on reflection Kieran knew this wasn’t actually a bad idea.

Nuneaton lie detector test and results

Kieran knew he wouldn’t be able to get Hannah to take the test but he could take one himself. He contacted us and booked the appointment for the next morning. We always try to fit around our clients and Kieran advised us he wanted it done quickly. He said he wanted a copy of the results of the Nuneaton lie detector test sent to his brothers email address. Kieran confidently sat the polygraph examination. He answered the questions confidently and honestly, passing with flying colours.

Shaun opened the email we sent with the attached fully analysed report. The Nuneaton lie detector test proved:

  • Kieran had seen Hannah with another man kissing in the back of a cab
  • He hadn’t propositioned Hanna h in any way sexually or otherwise
  • He had never invited her back to his home

The results proved what a liar and cheat Hannah was without her ever taking a test. However, irrespective of the results Shaun forgave her.  Kieran knew she would get out of it somehow but he was happy that he’d proved his own innocence to his brother and family.

Unfortunately the relationship between Kieran and Shaun hasn’t recovered and Shaun is still in love with Hannah.

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