The case

A Nottingham polygraph test recently proved to husband Mark that his wife Charlotte was having an affair. Mark first suspected Charlotte when she joined a local yoga class. However, the results revealed more than Mark bargained for.

The beginning

After lockdown, wife Charlotte kept complaining that she felt unfit and unsociable. Taking action one morning she decided she would join a local Yoga group to help her get back on track and make new friends. Mark was thrilled his wife was finally starting to take action, and he supported her wanting to join the group.

Suspicions start

Mark started to worry that something wasn’t right when Charlotte kept spending her evenings glued to her phone. She had never been bothered with her phone before, but when questioned by Mark she simply said that she had made new friends and it was nice to be popular.

The evidence

Charlotte left her phone one evening when she rushed off to yoga class. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Mark decided to snoop through her phone. He opened a WhatsApp chat called “Yoga buddies” but discovered that there were only two other contacts in it. Other members of the group were called Tom and Holly. Mark knew Holly and Tom were neighbours down the road. When he started scrolling through the group, he noticed that the texts from Tom were quite flirtatious towards Charlotte. Exiting the chat, he saw further down that Tom and Charlotte had their own chat, which suggesting meeting up.

What to do?

Mark decided to search online for help and answers. He came across the Lie Detector Test UK website and could see our services were available in Nottingham. Mark read our blog page in regards to infidelity and decided we were the people to help him. Later that day, Mark confronted Charlotte and asked her to take a lie detector test to prove she wasn’t cheating on him. Charlotte was shocked and upset but agreed to take the test to prove her innocence.

The test

Later that week Charlotte came to our Nottingham office to take her test. The results showed she was guilty of lying. She confessed to our examiner that she had met Tom and Holly at the yoga class and immediately hit it off with the pair. Things escalated between the pair and Charlotte and she actually ended up sleeping with both of them, together. The examiner bought Mark into the room to leave the pair to discuss. Mark was angry and upset, and didn’t understand how Charlotte had had an affair with another couple. She explained that lockdown had been hard on her mentally and that the event had only happened once but she had regretted it. Charlotte asked Mark if they could go to couples counselling and work on their marriage, maybe even exploring an open marriage together. Mark said he needed time to digest but contacted us a week later to update us. He and Charlotte are going through counselling and he is starting to explore the idea of an open marriage. He wanted to thank us for our help in finding the truth he deserved, and for being so professional.

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