Nottingham Lie Detector Tests restore Best Friend’s Integrity

It’s often best not to interfere in a couple’s relationship as they’ll often ‘shoot the messenger’. It took two Nottingham lie detector tests to restore our client’s integrity.

Marlon’s Case

Marlon had been best mates with Robin since school.  He’d been through thick and thin with him and was the best man at his wedding when he married Nicole.

Before lockdown they met up once a week for a few beers and often played golf together.  Just before the pandemic, they were in the clubhouse having spent most of the day on the golf course. Robin told Marlon that he’d been propositioned by a girl half his age that he’d met at a conference. She was the receptionist in the hotel where the conference had been held.

Marlon smiled and commented that Robin hadn’t lost his charm even as a silver fox.  He’d always been more successful with women. Marlon had never married, not least because few women had ever been interested in him.  Nicole, even at the same age as Robin, was still stunningly beautiful.

Potential affair

As time progressed and lockdown set in, the two friends seldom met.  However, they did keep in touch on WhatsApp. Marlon began to notice that Lisa, the receptionist, seemed to feature a lot in their conversations.  He was shocked to learn that Robin was seriously considering having an affair with her.  Indeed he seemed obsessed with Lisa.

Months went by and Marlon learned that Robin had sneaked out for a walk and met up with Lisa. Quite apart from breaking lockdown restrictions, it worried Marlon that his friend was about to make the biggest mistake of his life.  He’d told Robin that he thought he might be going through a mid-life crisis. If he progressed with an affair it would hurt Nicole dreadfully and wreck his marriage. Robin wasn’t listening and said what Nicole didn’t know about couldn’t hurt her.

Shooting the messenger

Deeply concerned, Marlon decided to have a word with Nicole.  He called her at a time he knew Robin would be out and asked how she was.  A bit bored with lockdown, she said but otherwise happy to spending more time with her husband than usual.

Marlon asked if everything was OK between them and she said it was. On the promise that she wouldn’t divulge their conversation to Robin, Marlon warned her that he thought Robin was thinking about having an affair.  Naturally it hadn’t started because of lockdown restrictions but he felt she should know.

It took less than two hours for Marlon to realise what a mistake he had made. Robin called him apoplectic with rage and Nicole got on the phone and called him a liar.  Robin said Marlon had always been jealous of his relationship with Nicole and it was clear he was trying to break them up.

Nottingham lie detector tests

Marlon called us for advice. He wanted to know if a lie detector test would confirm that Robin had told him he was thinking about taking Lisa up on her offer.  It was the only way he could think of, to prove to Nicole that he’d told her the truth.

He ordered two Nottingham lie detector tests, a week apart.  One was for him and the other for Robin.

Our East Midlands polygraph examiner formulated the precise questions that would restore Marlon’s integrity if he was telling the truth.  No deception was found in his polygraph test results.  Marlon sent Nicole a copy of the report he received 24 hours later.  She called him within hours of receiving it.

In the conversation that followed, Marlon told her that he had booked a test for Robin. She would need to persuade him to take it. After all, if he was telling her the truth he wouldn’t have a reason not to would he?

Finding himself in a ‘Catch 22’ situation Robin had no choice but to agree to the polygraph examination. His results showed deception in the answers he gave to all the questions asked. Worse, he’d actually started the affair with Lisa.


Robin and Nicole are working on their marriage.  Unfortunately, although Nicole has apologised to Marlon, Robin is no longer his friend.  But at least Marlon’s integrity is intact and he feels he has saved his best friend’s marriage.