Lie detector test used on sex offenders in Nottingham

Nov 10, 2021

Plans to introduce lie detector tests in Nottingham will help the police in arresting and keep an eye on sex offenders. Police say sometimes people just don’t tell the truth and polygraph testing would help gather evidence.

Lie Detector test used by police in Nottingham

Nottinghamshire police say they want to make taking a regular polygraph test part of the release terms for sex offenders. Guildford says “We are putting a bid for £240,000.00 to cover new kit along with training”.Taking a test will also help show if an offender has broken the conditions of their release. For example, Convicts will answer questions such as “Have you recently visited this school or person?”.

Why do Nottingham police want to do a lie detector test?

Police are keen to use testing because America have used the testing for many years. The American system has found lie detector tests to have an average accuracy of 89%. Lie detectors monitor changes in the body. The test measures an honest response and an untruthful response. The polygraph test measures body functions such as heart rate, breathing rate, sweat and blood pressure. Therefore, changes to a person’s rates in any of these factors can show a person trying to be deceptive.

Are lie detectors the future for police?

In conclusion, Nottinghamshire police say the test will help them to judge the risk of individuals. In some cases a test will prove why someone isn’t fit for release. Many local schools are complaining of putting pupils at risk and worry about the effect on children. Victims are also concerned that firmer rules need to be put in place. Lie detectors help prove who offenders have been talking with online and potential future victims. Nottinghamshire police are seeing a growth in of sexual offences cases and want to help protect the community. If you wish to enquire about a lie detector test and how it could help you, see our online booking form here.


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